Tuesday 12th July, 2022

Corrany is entered at Newton Abbot on Sunday however with the weather forecast as it is with high temperatures, the meeting may well be in doubt.  Racehorses on the whole cope well in hot conditions, however the temperature looks like being exceptional and taking horses out for exercise early in the day and making sure they are well hydrated is essential.

Some of the string’s holidays are about to end as they come in from their summer rest and all look in fine condition thanks to plenty of grass and sunshine.  A few went out on holiday a bit later, therefore we will give them a little longer before bringing them back into work.

Today the BHA published the report from the ‘whip consultation steering group.’  It consisted of experienced individuals such as trainers, jockeys, owners and breeders as well as welfare groups, parliamentarians and journalists.

It was inevitable that consensus was going to be hard and many in the sport have strong feelings on the subject.  Personally I think the general public will always have a problem with whip use behind the saddle.

The steering group have concluded that the whip should only be used in the backhand position and horses will be disqualified if riders have shown a clear disregard for the rules.

It will be interesting to see the public reaction to this news but let us hope that their findings lead to much reduced need to use the whip and more concentration on horsemanship, technique and rider fitness.