Results Table

Final Result 2024

Bunny Roberts21Ned Cash 3ElfrideMattie Ross 5Sun Tracker 3Totterdown 10
Eric Doherty21Mattie Ross 5LesserSheila Nash 3 Picanha 3Totterdown 10
Jen Kirby21Totterdown 10Picanha 3Mattie Ross 5Sun Tracker 3Elfride
Nick Holmes21Picanha 3Little Big Kev 3Totterdown 10Rossbeigh StrandMattie Ross 5
Sandra Welland18Ned Cash 3Mattie Ross 5OrgandiTotterdown 10Roody Toody
Esther Phillips18Rossbeigh StrandSwift JetLittle Big Kev 3Totterdown 10Mattie Ross 5
Geoff Lansbury18ElfrideLesserPicanha 3Totterdown 10Mattie Ross 5
Geoff Lansbury18LesserLizzie ReyPicanha 3Totterdown 10Mattie Ross 5
Ian Kimberley16LesserTotterdown 10Sheila Nash 3Miss MahmiteNed Cash 3
Joline 16LesserTotterdown 10Ned Cash 3Rossbeigh StrandSun Tracker 3
Kate Sissons16Malinas/Lucy RougeSheila Nash 3Little Big Kev 3OrgandiTotterdown 10
Bunny Roberts16Picanha 3Rossbeigh StrandShibuya SongSun Tracker 3Totterdown 10
Charlie Allan16Picanha 3Little Big Kev 3Totterdown 10ElfrideLesser
Jenny Stowell15Lizzie ReyMattie Ross 5Miss MahmiteShibuya SongTotterdown 10
Helen Nixseaman15Shibuya SongLesserTotterdown 10Mattie Ross 5Elfride
Maggie Turner14Ned Cash 3ElfrideMattie Ross 5Sheila Nash 3Sun Tracker 3
Mark Caswell14Mattie Ross 5LesserSheila Nash 3Picanha 3Ned Cash 3
Amanda Langdale14LesserMattie Ross 5Picanha 3Sheila Nash 3Little Big Kev 3
Colin Pocock14LesserLittle Big Kev 3Mattie Ross 5Ned Cash 3Picanha 3
Mel Tingey14LesserPicanha 3Ned Cash 3Mattie Ross 5Little Big Kev 3
Mick Thompson13MethodtothemagicSheila Nash 3Swift JetTotterdown 10Valuable Asset
Edward Mitchell13LesserTotterdown 10Lizzie ReyRossbeigh StrandSun Tracker 3
Emilia 13Totterdown 10LesserShibuya SongSun Tracker 3Miss Mahmite
Jenny Stowell13ElfrideIron HorseRoody ToodyTotterdown 10Sun Tracker 3
Richard Belcher13Roody ToodyTotterdown 10Rossbeigh Strand Sun Tracker 3Run Rosie Run
Sue Jones13LesserNeeps And TattiesShibuya SongSun Tracker 3Totterdown 10
Dave Mahon13Totterdown 10Rossbeigh StrandNed Cash 3LesserSwift Jet
Dan Lewis-Jones13Gentlewave / Days Like TheseTotterdown 10Little Big Kev 3KoshiRossbeigh Strand
Geoffrey Howson13ElfrideLittle Big Kev 3Rossbeigh Strand Totterdown 10Malinas/Lucy Rouge
Melissa Chesterman13Totterdown 10Neeps And TattiesMiss MahmiteLesserLittle Big Kev 3
Sue Zielinkski13LesserLittle Big Kev 3Miss MahmiteNeeps And TattiesTotterdown 10
Tim Proger13Totterdown 10Neeps And TattiesLesserLittle Big Kev 3Methodtothemagic
Gavan Forster13OrgandiPicanha 3LesserMethodtothemagicTotterdown 10
Joe Ackerman13LesserIron HorseRossbeigh Strand Picanha 3Totterdown 10
Mandy Barton13Malinas/Lucy RougeTotterdown 10LesserIron HorsePicanha 3
Trish Crowson13Picanha 3Totterdown 10LesserIron HorseMalinas/Lucy Rouge
Deighton Whitehead11Mattie Ross 5Fighting PoetSheila Nash 3Ned Cash 3Roody Toody
Mike Edwards11ElfrideMattie Ross 5Ned Cash 3Roody ToodySheila Nash 3
Barry Denvir11LesserSun Tracker 3Ned Cash 3Mattie Ross 5Miss Mahmite
Dawn Bridgewater11Mattie Ross 5Ned Cash 3Rossbeigh Strand Sun Tracker 3Swift Jet
Bunny Roberts11LesserMattie Ross 5Miss MahmiteNed Cash 3Little Big Kev 3
John Pazzard11LesserLittle Big Kev 3Mattie Ross 5Ned Cash 3Swift Jet
JTD Bloodstock11LesserLittle Big Kev 3Ned Cash 3Mattie Ross 5Roody Toody
Mark Jones11LesserRossbeigh StrandLittle Big Kev 3Ned Cash 3Mattie Ross 5
David Wells11Mattie Ross 5Lizzie ReyNed Cash 3Picanha 3Rossbeigh Strand
Alan Bird11Picanha 3LesserLittle Big Kev 3Lizzie ReyMattie Ross 5
Amanda Langdale11LesserIron HorseLittle Big Kev 3Mattie Ross 5Picanha 3
David Jessett11ElfrideMattie Ross 5Little Big Kev 3Picanha 3Urban Champion
Tim Hailstone11ElfrideLesserLittle Big Kev 3Picanha 3Mattie Ross 5
Kate Phillips11LesserPicanha 3Little Big Kev 3Mattie Ross 5Miss Mahmite
Bess The Pup10Iron HorseLizzie ReyElfrideTotterdown 10Valuable Asset
Charlie Allan10Totterdown 10Malinas/Lucy RougeLesserElfrideValuable Asset
Graham Treglown10Totterdown 10ElfrideMethodtothemagicShibuya SongSwift Jet
Pauline Gould10Totterdown 10LesserRun Rosie RunValuable AssetRoody Toody
Sue Davis10Totterdown 10OrgandiMalinas/Lucy RougeUrban ChampionFighting Poet
Trish Crowson10Neeps And TattiesOrgandiGentlewave/Days Like TheseLesserTotterdown 10
Ann Saunders10Miss MahmiteElfrideNeeps And TattiesMalinas/Lucy RougeTotterdown 10
Kate Davies10MethodtothemagicMostly MozartSwift JetTotterdown 10Elfride
Lynn Bedford10ElfrideTotterdown 10Malinas/Lucy RougeSwift JetRossbeigh Strand
Vicki Boyle-Atkins9Miss MahmiteNeeps And TattiesSun Tracker 3Sheila Nash 3Ned Cash 3
Andy Bullion9Little Big Kev 3MethodtothemagicRossbeigh Strand Sheila Nash 3Sun Tracker 3
Gwenda Pocock9Ned Cash 3Swift JetRun Rosie RunSheila Nash 3Little Big Kev 3
Graham Treglown9Sheila Nash 3Picanha 3Neeps And TattiesNed Cash 3Lizzie Rey
Bess The Pup9Swift JetSun Tracker 3Picanha 3Ned Cash 3Miss Mahmite
Jodie Dalglish9Swift JetPicanha 3Sun Tracker 3Ned Cash 3Miss Mahmite
Colin Pocock9LesserLittle Big Kev 3Ned Cash 3Picanha 3Swift Jet
Ware Family9Little Big Kev 3Ned Cash 3Swift JetPicanha 3Lizzie Rey
Richard Belcher8ElfrideLizzie ReyMattie Ross 5Sheila Nash 3Shibuya Song
Dave Quartermain8ElfrideIron HorseMattie Ross 5Ned Cash 3Urban Champion
Jennifer Hart Dyke8Beechwoodpark LadyLesserNed Cash 3Valuable AssetMattie Ross 5
Arthur Docker8Swift JetLesserMattie Ross 5ElfrideLittle Big Kev 3
Stephanie Elliott-Berry8LesserLittle Big Kev 3Mattie Ross 5Swift JetMalinas/Lucy Rouge
Dave Mahon8Little Big Kev 3Neeps And TattiesIron HorseMiss MahmiteMattie Ross 5
Alan Bird8Picanha 3Neeps And TattiesMattie Ross 5Lizzie ReyElfride
David Jessett8ElfrideLesserLizzie ReyMattie Ross 5Picanha 3
Geoff Lansbury8ElfrideLesserLizzie ReyPicanha 3Mattie Ross 5
Ian Kimberley8LesserMattie Ross 5Lizzie ReyPicanha 3Rossbeigh Strand
Oscar Hurring8ElfrideLesserLizzie ReyMattie Ross 5Picanha 3
Will Lefebve8Rossbeigh StrandMattie Ross 5LesserPicanha 3Organdi
Grace Muir6Beechwoodpark LadySheila Nash 3Ned Cash 3Valuable AssetNeeps And Tatties
Bella WMBD6Ned Cash 3Swift JetMiss MahmiteSun Tracker 3Malinas/Lucy Rouge
Dan Reeves6Miss MahmiteSwift JetSun Tracker 3ElfrideNed Cash 3
Delphi Parkinson6Sun Tracker 3LesserNed Cash 3Malinas/Lucy RougeMiss Mahmite
Hannah Faber6Sun Tracker 3Miss MahmiteElfrideMalinas/Lucy RougeNed Cash 3
Toby Docker6Iron HorseElfrideLesserLittle Big Kev 3Sheila Nash 3
Eric Doherty6ElfrideSheila Nash 3Little Big Kev 3Rossbeigh StrandIron Horse
Ware Family6Little Big Kev 3Swift JetLesserNeeps And TattiesSun Tracker 3
Amanda Langdale6LesserIron HorseElfrideNed Cash 3Little Big Kev 3
Jenny Stowell6ElfrideLesserLittle Big Kev 3Ned Cash 3Rossbeigh Strand
Karen Anderson6Iron HorseNeeps And TattiesNed Cash 3KoshiLittle Big Kev 3
Ware Family6Little Big Kev 3OrgandiSwift JetNed Cash 3Lesser
Simon Rutherford6Malinas/Lucy RougeElfrideSheila Nash 3Urban ChampionPicanha 3
Lara Pocock6Sun Tracker 3Roody ToodyLesserMethodtothemagicPicanha 3
Hannah Lewis- Jones6Swift JetPicanha 3Ned Cash 3Roody ToodyShibuya Song
Sue Davis6CorranyOrgandiPicanha 3Ned Cash 3Run Rosie Run
Joe Phillips6LesserPicanha 3ElfrideMiss MahmiteNed Cash 3
Annie Dodd6Valuable AssetMalinas/Lucy RougePicanha 3Little Big Kev 3Shibuya Song
Gail Reynolds6LesserLittle Big Kev 3Picanha 3Swift JetLizzie Rey
Maisie Durham6ElfrideLittle Big Kev 3Lizzie ReyPicanha 3Urban Champion
Ware Family6Little Big Kev 3LesserOrgandiPicanha 3Shibuya Song
Dave Mahon6Sans FrontieresRossbeigh StrandSwift JetLittle Big Kev 3Picanha 3
Amy Durham5Iron HorseLesserMattie Ross 5Rossbeigh StrandLizzie Rey
Jay Taylor5Mattie Ross 5LesserLizzie ReyRun Rosie RunNeeps And Tatties
Robert Stanley5Fighting PoetMattie Ross 5Rossbeigh Strand ElfrideBeechwoodpark Lady
Alan Porton3OrgandiMethodtothemagicElfrideSheila Nash 3Iron Horse
Stuart Durham3KoshiNeeps And TattiesRoody ToodySheila Nash 3Swift Jet
Rebecca Struve3Valuable AssetBeechwoodpark LadyLesserSun Tracker 3Miss Mahmite
Satya Hurring3LesserIron HorseRossbeigh Strand Sun Tracker 3Gentlewave/Days Like These
John Disney3LesserLizzie ReyNed Cash 3Sans Frontieres/Gaelic RiverGentlewave/Days Like These
Lara Pocock3Ned Cash 3LesserNeeps And TattiesRun Rosie RunOrgandi
Steven Phillips3KoshiLesserLizzie ReyNed Cash 3Roody Toody
Helen Nixseaman3Malinas/Lucy RougeUrban ChampionNed Cash 3Lizzie ReyRossbeigh Strand
Dave Mahon3Rossbeigh StrandLesserSwift JetNed Cash 3Koshi
Jack Phillips3Iron HorseMiss MahmiteElfrideNed Cash 3Lesser
Bella WMBD3Lizzie ReyLittle Big Kev 3LesserIron HorseElfride
Charlotte Bird3ElfrideLittle Big Kev 3Beechwoodpark LadyNeeps And TattiesLizzie Rey
Clemmie Durham3Little Big Kev 3Lizzie ReyMethodtothemagicNeeps And TattiesUrban Champion
Sue Davis3Iron HorseOrgandiElfrideLesserLittle Big Kev 3
Ann Saunders3MethodtothemagicLizzie ReyMiss MahmiteElfrideLittle Big Kev 3
Kate Davies3Mostly MozartLittle Big Kev 3Fighting PoetMalinas/Lucy RougeLesser
Tom Fletcher3Run Rosie RunMalinas/Lucy RougeValuable AssetLittle Big Kev 3Roody Toody
Amanda Langdale3LesserElfrideLizzie ReyPicanha 3Rossbeigh Strand
Daisy3Iron HorseKoshiBeechwoodpark LadyLizzie ReyPicanha 3
Dave Redfern3ElfrideLizzie ReyLesserNeeps And TattiesPicanha 3
Geoff Lansbury3ElfrideLesserLizzie ReyPicanha 3Rossbeigh Strand
Jenny Stowell3Lizzie ReyMiss MahmiteNeeps And TattiesPicanha 3Valuable Asset
Mike Edwards3ElfrideRossbeigh StrandLesserPicanha 3Iron Horse
Richard Belcher3LesserPicanha 3Lizzie ReyUrban ChampionIron Horse
Alan PortonOrgandiElfrideRun Rosie RunShibuya SongLizzie Rey
Bunny RobertsKoshiIron HorseElfrideBeechwoodpark LadyLizzie Rey
Bunny RobertsUrban ChampionKoshiSwift JetMalinas/Lucy RougeLesser
John ZielinkskiElfrideMiss MahmiteRoody ToodyRun Rosie RunSwift Jet
Karen AndersonValuable AssetSwift JetOrgandiIron HorseNeeps And Tatties
Louise RutherfordMalinas/Lucy RougeRossbeigh StrandIron HorseElfrideLizzie Rey
Nona Lewis-JonesMiss MahmiteElfrideMalinas/Lucy RougeNeeps And TattiesShibuya Song
Richard BelcherKoshiElfrideLesserUrban ChampionValuable Asset
Kate DaviesElfrideLesserNeeps And TattiesMethodtothemagicSwift Jet
Kate DaviesMalinas/Lucy RougeBeechwoodpark LadyNeeps And TattiesElfrideSwift Jet
Ruth TupperBeechwoodpark LadyShibuya SongSwift JetGentlewave / Days Like TheseUrban Champion
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