This year’s Adlestrop Stables fun Five To Follow Competition is underway having started on 1st November, 2022


Horses accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a win – double points if 10-1 or over

5 points for second

3 points for third



The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2023 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.

Results Table


Bunny Roberts30Bluenose Belle 15OrgandiPop MistressTotterdown 10Iron Horse 5
Richard Belcher29Methodtothemagic 6Fine TheatreIron Horse 5Rossbeigh Strand 3Bluenose Belle 15
Bill McGregor25Bluenose Belle 15Fighting Poet 5Run Rosie RunIron Horse 5Elfride
Joe Phillips24Mattie RossMethodtothemagic 6Rossbeigh Strand 3Iron Horse 5Totterdown 10
Dan Ashmeade24Bluenose Belle 15Methodtothemagic 6Rossbeigh Strand 3OrgandiPop Mistress
Lara Pocock23Bluenose Belle 15Iron Horse 5Pop MistressMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3
Lucy Dog23LesserPop MistressBluenose Belle 15Rossbeigh Strand 3Fighting Poet 5
Tim Proger21LesserTotterdown 10Methodtothemagic 6Run Rosie RunIron Horse 5
Bubbles Roberts21Methodtothemagic 6Mattie RossRun Rosie RunPop MistressBluenose Belle 15
Vicki Boyle-Atkins21Ned CashLesserBluenose Belle 15Pop MistressMethodtothemagic 6
Jim Hytner20Iron Horse 5Urban ChampionCorranyLesserBluenose Belle 15
Paul Edwards20Iron Horse 5Keep It BriefLesserBluenose Belle 15Corrany
Jerry Conaghan20Bluenose Belle 15Dark TermsFighting Poet 5Fine TheatrePop Mistress
Rachel Watton20Bluenose Belle 15Fighting Poet 5Keep It BriefRun Rosie RunUrban Champion
Sam Hytner20Bluenose Belle 15LesserFighting Poet 5CorranyOrgandi
Sue Muir20Bluenose Belle 15OrgandiFighting Poet 5Alright ChapTulane
Bella WMBD19OrgandiMattie RossMethodtothemagic 6Rossbeigh Strand 3Totterdown 10
Dave Tudge18Bluenose Belle 15J GayeNed CashPop MistressRossbeigh Strand 3
David Jessett18Bluenose Belle 15LesserMattie RossPop MistressRossbeigh Strand 3
Eric Doherty18Rossbeigh Strand 3Fine TheatreTotterdown 10Fighting Poet 5Run Rosie Run
John Rosbotham16Pop MistressLesserMethodtothemagic 6Totterdown 10Tulane
Sue Bellamy16LesserMattie RossMethodtothemagic 6Pop MistressTotterdown 10
Chris Wilson15Fine TheatreIron Horse 5Run Rosie RunMattie RossTotterdown 10
Trish Crowson15Totterdown 10OrgandiTulaneLesserIron Horse 5
Adrian Rudge15Bluenose Belle 15CorranyDark TermsOrgandiShibuya Song
Andy Bullion15Bluenose Belle 15ElfrideNed CashOrgandiAlright Chap
Clemency Durham15Pop MistressMattie RossTulaneRun Rosie RunBluenose Belle 15
Dan Ashmeade15Pop MistressBluenose Belle 15ElfrideMattie RossLizzie Rey
Dave Hellen15ElfrideUrban ChampionBluenose Belle 15Dark TermsLizzie Rey
Jenny Stowell15Bluenose Belle 15Ned CashPop MistressFine TheatreKeep It Brief
John Hodgkins15Alright ChapRun Rosie RunOrgandiPop MistressBluenose Belle 15
Kate O'Brien15Bluenose Belle 15Run Rosie RunPop MistressLesserMattie Ross
Stuart Durham15Pop MistressOrgandiLizzie ReyBluenose Belle 15Run Rosie Run
Zara Syndicate15Bluenose Belle 15Keep It BriefMattie RossPop MistressRun Rosie Run
Charlie Allan15OrgandiTotterdown 10Fine TheatrePop MistressFighting Poet 5
Goose14LesserPop MistressMethodtothemagic 6Fighting Poet 5Rossbeigh Strand 3
Ian Kimberley13LesserMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3Run Rosie RunTotterdown 10
Nigel Forrester13Rossbeigh Strand 3Black Sam Bellamy fillyTotterdown 10LesserOrgandi
Amanda Langdale11LesserMattie RossPop MistressIron Horse 5Methodtothemagic 6
Jenny Stowell11Iron Horse 5LesserMethodtothemagic 6OrgandiPop Mistress
Peggy Godfrey11CorranyFighting Poet 5Methodtothemagic 6Lizzie ReyLesser
Bess the Pup10OrgandiPop MistressLesserTotterdown 10Lizzie Rey
Charlie Allan10OrgandiPop MistressLesserTotterdown 10Fine Theatre
Helen Nixseaman10CorranyRun Rosie RunLesserTotterdown 10Tulane
Jacqueline Donn10Sans Frontieres geldingClovis du Berlais fillyTotterdown 10TulaneAlright Chap
Mya Farbrother10PicanhaOrgandiCorranyTotterdown 10Keep It Brief
Tiggy The Dog Hytner10Totterdown 10TulanePop MistressElfrideNed Cash
Alan Bird9Pop MistressLesserMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3 Methodtothemagic 6
Bunny Roberts9Alright ChapLesserRossbeigh Strand 3Methodtothemagic 6Mattie Ross
Chris Newport9Rossbeigh Strand 3Methodtothemagic 6LesserOrgandiMattie Ross
Dan Ashmeade9Alright ChapRossbeigh Strand 3Methodtothemagic 6Ned CashLesser
David Mahon9Ned CashRossbeigh Strand 3Alright ChapMethodtothemagic 6Mattie Ross
Jerry Conaghan9Methodtothemagic 6Rossbeigh Strand 3Lizzie ReyRun Rosie RunUrban Champion
Rob Dalziel9Methodtothemagic 6Black Sam Bellamy fillyDark TermsRossbeigh Strand 3Tulane
Carlo (Ratter) Caswell8Alright ChapMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3LesserIron Horse 5
Felix Elliott-Berry8Mattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3LesserIron Horse 5Alright Chap
Joline8Run Rosie RunAlright ChapMattie RossIron Horse 5Rossbeigh Strand 3
Mike Edwards8LesserOrgandiIron Horse 5Rossbeigh Strand 3Elfride
Guy Butchers8Dark TermsFighting Poet 5LesserRossbeigh Strand 3Shibuya Song
Mike Edwards6LesserOrgandiUrban ChampionMattie RossMethodtothemagic 6
Amy Durham6Pop MistressOrgandiTulaneMethodtothemagic 6Mattie Ross
Bill McGregor6Fine TheatreKeep It BriefMethodtothemagic 6Mattie RossElfride
Gary Conaghan6ElfrideUrban ChampionMethodtothemagic 6CorranyOrgandi
Gwenda Pocock6LesserPop MistressRun Rosie RunMethodtothemagic 6Mattie Ross
Hannah Faber6Alright ChapMethodtothemagic 6Pop MistressLesserNed Cash
Ian & Jacquie Crook6Urban ChampionMattie RossOrgandiCorranyMethodtothemagic 6
Lara Pocock6LesserRun Rosie RunTulaneDark TermsMethodtothemagic 6
Melinda Wilson6CorranyLesserMethodtothemagic 6Run Rosie RunTulane
Rob Dalziel6Methodtothemagic 6Black Sam Bellamy fillyPop MistressLesserKeep It Brief
Satya Hurring6OrgandiLesserPop MistressMethodtothemagic 6Mattie Ross
Amanda Langdale5LesserNed CashOrgandiMattie RossIron Horse 5
Bess the Pup5OrgandiPop MistressLesserIron Horse 5Fine Theatre
Tessa Marie Ross5Fine TheatreIron Horse 5Mattie RossNed CashRun Rosie Run
Toby Docker5Alright ChapIron Horse 5OrgandiMattie RossIron Horse 5
Bunny Roberts5Fighting Poet 5Ned CashFine TheatreMattie RossLesser
Jim Hytner5Fine TheatreFighting Poet 5LesserPop MistressTulane
Mark Farbrother5OrgandiFighting Poet 5Run Rosie RunLizzie ReyNed Cash
Nona Lewis-Jones5OrgandiElfrideFighting Poet 5LesserLizzie Rey
Rose Bennett5Fine TheatreFighting Poet 5LesserCorranyAlright Chap
Amanda Langdale3LesserLizzie ReyPop MistressMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3
Andy Bullion3LesserMattie RossPop MistressRossbeigh Strand 3Tulane
Arthur Docker3Lizzie ReyLesserPop MistressMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3
BP3LesserPop MistressOrgandiMattie RossRossbeigh Strand 3
Chris Newport3Pop MistressRossbeigh Strand 3LesserMattie RossRun Rosie Run
Colin Pocock3LesserMattie RossPop MistressRossbeigh Strand 3Run Rosie Run
Dan Ashmeade3Alright ChapOrgandiRossbeigh Strand 3Ned CashLesser
David Mahon3Alright ChapRossbeigh Strand 3Pop MistressRun Rosie RunElfride
David Mahon3Rossbeigh Strand 3Sans FrontieresAlright ChapRun Rosie RunMattie Ross
George Hytner3LesserRossbeigh Strand 3OrgandiMattie RossLizzie Rey
Guy Butchers3LesserMattie RossNed CashRossbeigh Strand 3Tulane
Ian & Jacquie Crook3OrgandiCorranyPop MistressElfrideRossbeigh Strand 3
Jenny Stowell3CorranyRossbeigh Strand 3Run Rosie RunShibuya SongTulane
Jeremy Taylor3CorranyLesserMattie RossPop MistressRossbeigh Strand 3
John Disney3LesserPop MistressOrgandiNed CashRossbeigh Strand 3
Kiki3LesserPop MistressAlright ChapRossbeigh Strand 3Mattie Ross
Maggie Turner3Run Rosie RunRossbeigh Strand 3Pop MistressAlright ChapMattie Ross
Paul Edwards3OrgandiRossbeigh Strand 3Ned CashLizzie ReyMattie Ross
Richard Atkinson3Pop MistressLizzie ReyMattie RossRun Rosie RunRossbeigh Strand 3
Steve Phillips3Alright ChapRossbeigh Strand 3Ned CashMattie RossDark Terms
Tom Foster3PicanhaLesserCorranyRossbeigh Strand 3Organdi
Charlotte Bird0Mattie RossPop MistressOrgandiFine TheatreLesser
Amanda Langdale0LesserMattie RossLizzie ReyCorranyPop Mistress
Barry Denvir0LesserNed CashSan FrontieresMattie RossPop Mistress
Chris Newport0Dark TermsLesserOrgandiRun Rosie RunMattie Ross
Chris Newport0Shibuya SongLesserMattie RossDark TermsPop Mistress
Colin Pocock0LesserMattie RossPop MistressNed CashLizzie Rey
Dan Van Luttmer0OrgandiTulaneMattie RossUrban ChampionPop Mistress
Dave Hellen0Pop MistressNed CashMattie RossClovis du Berlais fillyBlack Sam Bellamy filly
Dave Redfern0ElfridePop MistressLesserMattie RossRun Rosie Run
David Mahon0Pop MistressNed CashRun Rosie RunMattie RossLizzie Rey
David Wells0OrgandiMattie RossCorranyLesserDark Terms
Eamonn O'Brien0Pop MistressMattie RossLesserShibuya SongElfride
Ellie Hawkins0Alright ChapLesserPop MistressOrgandiElfride
Eric Doherty0CorranyLesserMattie RossOrgandiTulane
Gwenda Pocock0LesserPop MistressRun Rosie RunLizzie ReyOrgandi
Hannah Lewis-Jones0OrgandiCorranyKeep It BriefShibuya SongAlright Chap
Jacqueline Donn0Malinas geldingPop MistressRun Rosie RunElfrideKeep It Brief
Jenny Stowell0Keep It BriefLizzie ReyMattie RossShibuya SongUrban Champion
JTD Bloodstock0LesserMattie RossPop MistressRun Rosie RunLizzie Rey
JTD Bloodstock0LesserMattie RossPop MistressRun Rosie RunNed Cash
Jules Hodgkinson0LesserPop MistressRun Rosie RunDark TermsMattie Ross
Melinda Wilson0Alright ChapPop MistressMattie RossOrgandiNed Cash
Mick King0Ned CashRun Rosie RunKeep It BriefLesserTulane
Oscar Hurring0Ned CashPop MistressLesserOrgandiMattie Ross
Richard Belcher0Pop MistressLesserCorranyMattie RossKeep It Brief
Richard Belcher0Dark TermsLizzie ReyRun Rosie RunNed CashTulane
Sarah Waite0LesserLizzie ReyMattie RossNed CashPop Mistress
Simon Ruck-Keen0LesserPop MistressRun Rosie RunDark TermsMattie Ross
Tim Hailstone0LesserMattie RossNed CashOrgandiPop Mistress
Sue Davis0Dark TermsFine TheatreOrgandiUrban ChampionBlack Sam Bellamy / Supreme Gem
Sue Davis0ElfrideKeep It BriefPop MistressLesserMalinas gelding
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