Our fun Five to Follow Competition 2019/20 is now underway.


Horses will accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a winner – double points if the win is priced at 10-1 or above.

5 points for a second

3 points for a third



The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2020 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.

Good luck!


Results as of 21st January, 2020


Nigel HiskettJ Gaye 5Iron Horse 5Present From Dubai 20Muthabir 3Master Vintage 1043
Richard AtkinsonMuthabir 3Golden DealMaster Vintage 10Picanha 10Present From Dubai 2043
Beanie SaundersMrs BarnesIron Horse 5Islandray 5Picanha 10Present From Dubai 2040
Jane LaneIron Horse 5Islandray 5Picanha 10Present From Dubai 20Mrs Barnes40
Hannah GregoryGolden DealTulane 10J Gaye 5Iron Horse 5Present From Dubai 2040
Clive WaleTimetobenefitIslandray 5Tulane 10Present From Dubai 20J Gaye 540
David JessettIron Horse 5Minella WhisperOver Stated 3Present From Dubai 20Tulane 1038
Amanda LangdaleMaster Vintage 10Iron Horse 5OrgandiPresent From Dubai 20Beautiful People35
Charlotte BirdBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Master Vintage 10Shadow WalkerPresent From Dubai 2035
Oscar HurringIron Horse 5Master Vintage 10Mrs BarnesPresent From Dubai 20Organdi35
Andy BullionOrgandiCelestial MagicPresent From Dubai 20J Gaye 5Picanha 1035
Vince O'BrienDandy LassJ Gaye 5Present From Dubai 20Picanha 10Methodtothemagic35
Annie OlivierBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Present From Dubai 20OrgandiPicanha 1035
Gerard NockMinella WhisperIron Horse 5Present From Dubai 20Picanha 10Big Fiddle35
Jenson Pocock Shadow WalkerIron Horse 5MethodtothemagicPresent From Dubai 20Picanha 1035
Sataya HurringIron Horse 5Beautiful PeopleMinella WhisperPicanha 10Present From Dubai 2035
Rob DalzielMethodtothemagicPresent From Dubai 20OrgandiIslandray 5Master Vintage 1035
Rewant SinghPresent From Dubai 20Islandray 5Minella WhisperIron Horse 5J Gaye 535
Kate PhillipsPicanha 10Islandray 5MethodtothemagicPresent From Dubai 20Shadow Walker35
Andrew RylandBig FiddleOrgandiMaster Vintage 10Present From Dubai 20Muthabir 333
Chris WilsonDandy LassMaster Vintage 10Muthabir 3Present From Dubai 20Roundhead33
Jenny BissettBeautiful PeopleOrgandiMadame Ritz 3Master Vintage 10Present From Dubai 2033
Brian DuckettMinella WhisperShadow WalkerPicanha 10Present From Dubai 20Madame Ritz 333
Jenny StowellLady Of AuthorityOrgandiPresent From Dubai 20Over Stated 3Tulane 1033
Rob DalzielMethodtothemagicPresent From Dubai 20Celestial MagicMuthabir 3Tulane 1033
Charlie AllanOver Stated 3Pop MistressPresent From Dubai 20Minella WhisperIslandray 531
Jenny StowellBeautiful PeopleOrgandiMaster Vintage 10Celestial MagicHighland Sun30
Adrian BettsJ Gaye 5Present From Dubai 20Iron Horse 5OrgandiMrs Barnes30
Brian DuckettPicanha 10Present From Dubai 20Shadow WalkerTimetobenefitLady Of Authority30
Sue NockLady Of AuthorityBeautiful PeopleMinella WhisperPicanha 10Present From Dubai 2030
Tony & Nikki JeffryesLady Of AuthorityPicanha 10OrgandiPresent From Dubai 20Beautiful People30
Anyone from FiveJ Gaye 5Beautiful PeopleIslandray 5OrgandiPresent From Dubai 2030
Amanda LangdaleIron Horse 5OrgandiIslandray 5Mrs BarnesPresent From Dubai 2030
Peter HepworthJ Gaye 5Picanha 10RoundheadTulane 10Iron Horse 530
Amanda LangdaleIron Horse 5OrgandiOver Stated 3Picanha 10Master Vintage 1028
Jagat SinghPresent From Dubai 20Minella WhisperJ Gaye 5Mrs BarnesMuthabir 328
Alan PortonCelestial MagicIron Horse 5Lady Of AuthorityMuthabir 3Present From Dubai 2028
Eric DochertyMuthabir 3Iron Horse 5OrgandiBeautiful PeoplePresent From Dubai 2028
FaisalIron Horse 5Madame Ritz 3OrgandiCelestial MagicPresent From Dubai 2028
Jenny CheshirePicanha 10Islandray 5Master Vintage 10Muthabir 3Shadow Walker28
Charlie AllanOrgandiBeautiful PeoplePresent From Dubai 20Islandray 5Madame Ritz 328
Brian DuckettPresent From Dubai 20Minella WhisperOver Stated 3OrgandiMuthabir 326
Lisa BenbowOrgandiMaster Vintage 10Golden DealIron Horse 5Picanha 1025
Colin PocockShadow WalkerIron Horse 5MethodtothemagicPresent From Dubai 20Organdi25
Dave BrotheridgeIron Horse 5OrgandiPresent From Dubai 20AvionLady Of Authority25
Frederick OlivierBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5OrgandiPresent From Dubai 20Minella Whisper25
Jeremy TaylorIron Horse 5Golden DealPresent From Dubai 20OrgandiCelestial Magic25
Lady DavisLady Of AuthorityRoundheadPresent From Dubai 20OrgandiIron Horse 525
Phoebe RenoufGolden DealMethodtothemagicOrgandiIron Horse 5Present From Dubai 2025
Andrew RylandJ Gaye 5Tulane 10Islandray 5Golden DealIron Horse 525
Rick AllenOrgandiBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 3Master Vintage 10Picanha 1023
Adrian BettsGolden DealLady Of AuthorityOrgandiMuthabir 3Present From Dubai 2023
Jeremy TaylorOrgandiPresent From Dubai 20Muthabir 3Minella WhisperShadow Walker23
Charlie AllanOrgandiBeautiful PeopleMaster Vintage 10Muthabir 3Madame Ritz 323
Gary ConaghanBig FiddleGolden DealMadame Ritz 3Master Vintage 10Muthabir 323
Arthur DockerIron Horse 5Master Vintage 10OrgandiJ Gaye 5Methodtothemagic20
Gary DaviesMaster Vintage 10OrgandiJ Gaye 5Iron Horse 5Methodtothemagic20
Richard BelcherOrgandiIron Horse 5J Gaye 5Celestial MagicMaster Vintage 1020
Martin HarveyRun Rosie RunJ Gaye 5Picanha 10Celestial MagicIron Horse 520
Amy DurhamBeautiful PeoplePop MistressOrgandiLady Of AuthorityPresent From Dubai 2020
Richard BelcherMrs BarnesPresent From Dubai 20Pop MistressOrgandiMinella Whisper20
Amanda LangdaleIron Horse 5Master Vintage 10OrgandiBeautiful PeopleIslandray 520
David LawrenceBig FiddleIron Horse 5Islandray 5Master Vintage 10Organdi20
Maggie TurnerGolden DealCelestial MagicIron Horse 5Islandray 5Picanha 1020
Jo SaundersShadow WalkerMethodtothemagicTulane 10J Gaye 5Iron Horse 520
Jerry ConaghanOrgandiPicanha 10RoundheadTimetobenefitTulane 1020
Richard BelcherBig FiddlePicanha 10Dandy LassIslandray 5Madame Ritz 318
Joe PhillipsMadame Ritz 3J Gaye 5Tulane 10Golden DealDandy Lass18
Peter HepworthMaster Vintage 10Lady Of AuthorityMuthabir 3Mrs BarnesOver Stated 316
Chris NewportIron Horse 5Muthabir 3OrgandiJ Gaye 5Over Stated 316
Miriam PhillipsMethodtothemagicPicanha 10Muthabir 3TimetobenefitOver Stated 316
Adrian BettsGolden DealLady Of AuthorityMuthabir 3Madame Ritz 3Tulane 1016
Peter MannRun Rosie RunOrgandiJ Gaye 5Minella WhisperPicanha 1015
Jenny StowellBig FiddleDandy LassIron Horse 5Picanha 10Shadow Walker15
Susanna MunroMaster Vintage 10Highland SunIslandray 5OrgandiBeautiful People15
WilloughbyBeautiful PeopleIslandray 5MethodtothemagicOrgandiPicanha 1015
Gwenda PocockShadow WalkerIron Horse 5Tulane 10MethodtothemagicDandy Lass15
Brian DuckettMuthabir 3Master Vintage 10OrgandiBeautiful PeopleMinella Whisper13
Clemmie DurhamOrgandiBeautiful PeoplePop MistressMuthabir 3Master Vintage 1013
Clive WaleBeautiful PeopleCelestial MagicOrgandiMuthabir 3Master Vintage 1013
Eric DochertyMaster Vintage 10Celestial MagicOrgandiMuthabir 3Lady Of Authority13
Scarlett OlivierMuthabir 3Lady Of AuthorityBig FiddleJ Gaye 5Iron Horse 513
Andrew RylandPicanha 10Over Stated 3Dandy LassMinella WhisperTimetobenefit13
Alan PortonBeautiful PeopleGolden DealLady Of AuthorityMadame Ritz 3Master Vintage 1013
Chris NewportBeautiful PeopleOver Stated 3J Gaye 5Muthabir 3Methodtothemagic11
Lara PocockShadow WalkerMuthabir 3Minella WhisperIron Horse 5Over Stated 311
Nash NewportOver Stated 3Iron Horse 5MethodtothemagicCelestial MagicMuthabir 311
Alf BissettBeautiful PeopleMadame Ritz 3Muthabir 3OrgandiJ Gaye 511
Charlie AllanMadame Ritz 3OrgandiMuthabir 3Islandray 5Minella Whisper11
Tessa RossShadow WalkerJ Gaye 5Islandray 5Highland SunDandy Lass10
Jack PhillipsCelestial MagicIron Horse 5Islandray 5MethodtothemagicMinella Whisper10
Jim FreemanMethodtothemagicShadow WalkerIron Horse 5AvionIslandray 510
Toby DockerIron Horse 5TimetobenefitMrs BarnesOrgandiIslandray 510
Karen MannBeautiful PeopleBig FiddleJ Gaye 5Over Stated 3Run Rosie Run8
Nash NewportCelestial MagicBeautiful PeopleJ Gaye 5Over Stated 3Organdi8
Chris NewportMuthabir 3OrgandiJ Gaye 5Golden DealCelestial Magic8
Nash NewportMuthabir 3Celestial MagicMrs BarnesOrgandiJ Gaye 58
Lady DavisBeautiful PeopleOrgandiMuthabir 3Iron Horse 5Minella Whisper8
Stuart DurhamJ Gaye 5Madame Ritz 3Beautiful PeoplePop MistressTimetobenefit8
Colin PocockShadow WalkerMinella WhisperIron Horse 5MethodtothemagicMrs Barnes5
Jenny StowellBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Mighty ElsaPop MistressRun Rosie Run5
Jenson PocockShadow WalkerMinella WhisperOrgandiIron Horse 5Mrs Barnes5
Marie ConaghanBeautiful PeopleRun Rosie RunCelestial MagicIron Horse 5Lady Of Authority5
Mick BarnesDandy LassMrs BarnesMethodtothemagicMinella WhisperIron Horse 55
Andy BullionGolden DealIslandray 5Lady Of AuthorityMrs BarnesMinella Whisper5
Russell GlanshanBeautiful PeopleCelestial MagicHighland SunMuthabir 3Run Rosie Run3
Dave BrotheridgeRun Rosie RunShadow WalkerHighland SunBig FiddleDandy Lass
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