Our Five to Follow Competition will commence on 1st November, 2019.


Horses will accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a win

5 points for second

3 points for third


The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2020 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.



Jagat SinghOrgandi 10Lady Of Authority 18Muthabir 10Mrs BarnesTotterdown 1351
Susanna MunroBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Lady Of Authority 18Organdi 10Muthabir 1043
Sue JonesLady Of Authority 18RoundheadMuthabir 10Present From DubaiTotterdown 1341
Connor SkrineTotterdown 13Lady Of Authority 18RoundheadBeautiful PeopleOrgandi 1041
Chris NewportTotterdown 13Big Fiddle 3RoundheadMuthabir 10Organdi 1036
Alf BissettTimetobenefitMadame RitzTotterdown 13Muthabir 10Organdi 1033
Jon HoltonMuthabir 10Present From DubaiOrgandi 10Shadow WalkerTotterdown 1333
Mick ThompsonArctic ChiefBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 10Organdi 10Totterdown 1333
Willoughby PhillipsPresent From DubaiOrgandi 10RoundheadTotterdown 13Muthabir 1033
Dave GreenMuthabir 10Present From DubaiBeautiful PeopleTotterdown 13Organdi 1033
David MahonMaster Vintage 5Mrs BarnesMuthabir 10Totterdown 13Iron Horse 533
Anderson/TheodoreOrgandi 10Present From DubaiTotterdown 13Master Vintage 5Iron Horse 533
Nash NewportPresent From DubaiOrgandi 10Big Fiddle 3Master Vintage 5Totterdown 1331
Jeremy TaylorPresent From DubaiMuthabir 10Beautiful PeopleTotterdown 13Master Vintage 528
Anderson/TheodoreOrgandi 10Present From DubaiTotterdown 13RoundheadMaster Vintage 528
Daisy ChestermanTotterdown 13Organdi 10Bella's VisionDandy LassMaster Vintage 528
Chris NewportBig Fiddle 3Organdi 10Muthabir 10homersMaster Vintage 528
Jenny StowellMaster Vintage 5Organdi 10Madame RitzBig Fiddle 3Muthabir 1028
Joe PhillipsBig Fiddle 3Golden DealMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 10Organdi 1028
Colin PocockShadow WalkerTotterdown 13Organdi 10Present From DubaiIron Horse 528
Colin PocockShadow WalkerRoundheadTotterdown 13Iron Horse 5Organdi 1028
Hugh BettsLady Of Authority 18Muthabir 10Present From DubaiTimetobenefitWestern Storm28
John GoldsmithFermain BayMighty ElsaMuthabir 10Lady Of Authority 18Roundhead28
Michael BoseleyBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 10RoundheadLady Of Authority 18Western Storm28
Jerry ConaghanBeautiful PeopleMrs BarnesTotterdown 13Muthabir 10Big Fiddle 326
Melissa ChestermanTotterdown 13Muthabir 10Stoney CrossBig Fiddle 3Arctic Chief26
David LawrenceBig Fiddle 3Organdi 10Present From DubaiRoundheadTotterdown 1326
Jane PhillipsBig Fiddle 3Organdi 10Present From DubaiShadow WalkerTotterdown 1326
David MahonMuthabir 10Present From DubaiOrgandi 10Master Vintage 5Mighty Elsa25
Rick AllenJ GayeMuthabir 10Present From DubaiOrgandi 10Master Vintage 525
Richard AtkinsonMuthabir 10Organdi 10Master Vintage 5Beautiful PeopleArctic Chief25
Hannah Lewis-JonesMuthabir 10Beautiful PeopleOrgandi 10Iron Horse 5Roundhead25
Oscar HurringOrgandi 10RoundheadShadow WalkerIron Horse 5Muthabir 1025
Adrian BettsMuthabir 10Present From DubaiRoundheadTotterdown 13Shadow Walker23
Alf BissettMadame RitzBeautiful PeopleTotterdown 13Muthabir 10Arctic Chief23
Clemmie DurhamBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 10Golden DealWestern StormTotterdown 1323
Connor HomershamTotterdown 13Dandy LassMrs BarnesMuthabir 10Shadow Walker23
David MahonRoundheadTotterdown 13Muthabir 10Present From DubaiTulane23
Gemma WinrowMuthabir 10Present From DubaiBeautiful PeopleTotterdown 13Arctic Chief23
Grace HomershamTotterdown 13Muthabir 10Golden DealOver StatedMrs Barnes23
Jenny TrierMuthabir 10Golden DealTotterdown 13Mrs BarnesJ Gaye23
Julia HomershamTotterdown 13Golden DealMrs BarnesMuthabir 10Beautiful People23
Tony AshallPresent From DubaiBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 10RoundheadTotterdown 1323
Alf BissettPresent From DubaiOrgandi 10Totterdown 13Madame RitzWestern Storm23
Archie BellamyJ GayeTotterdown 13Organdi 10Shadow WalkerGolden Deal23
Hannah GregoryShadow WalkerPresent From DubaiOrgandi 10J GayeTotterdown 1323
Hannah Lewis-JonesBeautiful PeopleOrgandi 10Totterdown 13RoundheadDandy Lass23
Jenny StowellBeautiful PeopleTotterdown 13Viva RafaPresent From DubaiOrgandi 1023
Amanda LangdaleTotterdown 13Iron Horse 5Mrs BarnesMaster Vintage 5Beautiful People23
Clive WaleBig Fiddle 3Master Vintage 5Western StormPresent From DubaiTotterdown 1321
Nash NewportBig Fiddle 3Totterdown 13Master Vintage 5TimetobenefitRoundhead21
Satya HurringBig Fiddle 3Beautiful PeopleTotterdown 13Master Vintage 5Mrs Barnes21
Tess WardmanTotterdown 13Beautiful PeopleMaster Vintage 5Present From DubaiBig Fiddle 321
Adrian BettsMuthabir 10Organdi 10Present From DubaiRoundheadMadame Ritz20
Brian DuckettMuthabir 10Viva RafaOrgandi 10Shadow WalkerArctic Chief20
Charlie AllanPresent From DubaiMadame RitzRoundheadMuthabir 10Organdi 1020
Clive WaleBeautiful PeopleArctic ChiefViva RafaMuthabir 10Organdi 1020
Hugh BettsMadame RitzMuthabir 10Organdi 10TulaneViva Rafa20
Jenny StowellWestern StormTulaneShadow WalkerMuthabir 10Organdi 1020
John GoldsmithMuthabir 10Beautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Master Vintage 5Over Stated20
David JessettArctic ChiefIron Horse 5Organdi 10Master Vintage 5Present From Dubai20
Andrew BullionMaster Vintage 5RoundheadMrs BarnesPresent From DubaiTotterdown 1318
Matt WardmanTotterdown 13Beautiful PeopleTimetobenefitWestern StormMaster Vintage 518
Pauline GouldTotterdown 13Madame RitzViva RafaArctic ChiefMaster Vintage 518
Sue WallisBeautiful PeopleBella's VisionMaster Vintage 5Shadow WalkerTotterdown 1318
Chris NewportPresent From DubaiMuthabir 10Big Fiddle 3Master Vintage 5Timetobenefit18
Bunny RobertsMuthabir 10Master Vintage 5TimetobenefitBig Fiddle 3Western Storm18
Stuart DurhamRoundheadBeautiful PeopleOver StatedIron Horse 5Totterdown 1318
Bunny RobertsMuthabir 10Iron Horse 5Big Fiddle 3Arctic ChiefOver Stated18
Andrew RylandBig Fiddle 3Iron Horse 5Organdi 10Present From DubaiRoundhead18
Amanda LangdaleBeautiful PeopleOrgandi 10Over StatedMaster Vintage 5Western Storm15
Charlie AllanArctic ChiefBeautiful PeopleMadame RitzMaster Vintage 5Organdi 1015
Alf BissettMadame RitzBeautiful PeopleGolden DealIron Horse 5Muthabir 1015
Anderson/TheodoreOrgandi 10Present From DubaiBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Arctic Chief15
Andrew BullionBeautiful PeopleIron Horse 5Organdi 10Viva RafaWestern Storm15
Beanie SaundersMrs BarnesOver StatedOrgandi 10Present From DubaiIron Horse 515
Colin PocockShadow WalkerBeautiful PeopleOrgandi 10Present From DubaiIron Horse 515
David JessettIron Horse 5Western StormOrgandi 10Present From DubaiTimetobenefit15
Jenson The DogShadow WalkerIron Horse 5RoundheadOrgandi 10Timetobenefit15
Tony AshallMrs BarnesPresent From DubaiIron Horse 5TimetobenefitOrgandi 1015
Amanda LangdaleBeautiful PeoplePresent From DubaiRoundheadTotterdown 13Mrs Barnes13
Bryn HomershamTotterdown 13Beautiful PeopleArctic ChiefShadow WalkerPresent From Dubai13
Emilia ChestermanTotterdown 13Arctic ChiefBeautiful PeopleMadame RitzMighty Elsa13
Harry PhillipsPresent From DubaiRoundheadTimetobenefitTotterdown 13Tulane13
Henry AndersonWestern StormTotterdown 13Arctic ChiefRoundheadPresent From Dubai13
Rosie HomershamTotterdown 13Beautiful PeopleDandy LassGolden DealMrs Barnes13
Sue JonesTotterdown 13RoundheadWestern StormTulaneFermain Bay13
Susie PriceTotterdown 13J GayeShadow WalkerMrs BarnesRoundhead13
Toby DockerWestern StormShadow WalkerRoundheadMrs BarnesTotterdown 1313
Eric DohertyBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 10Present From DubaiBig Fiddle 3Western Storm13
Gwenda PocockShadow WalkerBig Fiddle 3J GayeWestern StormMuthabir 1013
FaisalBig Fiddle 3Organdi 10Present From DubaiGolden DealOver Stated13
James PilcherRoundheadOrgandi 10Shadow WalkerTimetobenefitBig Fiddle 313
Jenny StowellOrgandi 10Mrs BarnesMadame RitzBeautiful PeopleBig Fiddle 313
Mick BarnesShadow WalkerDandy LassOrgandi 10Big Fiddle 3Mrs Barnes13
Alan PortonBeautiful PeopleBrave HeliosMadame RitzFermain BayMuthabir 1010
Amy DurhamPresent From DubaiBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 10Madame RitzTulane10
Brian DuckettPresent From DubaiArctic ChiefMuthabir 10Over StatedStoney Cross10
David MahonPresent From DubaiMuthabir 10Shadow WalkerArctic ChiefTimetobenefit10
Gemma WinrowMuthabir 10Present From DubaiWestern StormRoundheadOver Stated10
John GoldsmithArctic ChiefMadame RitzMuthabir 10TulaneWestern Storm10
Lara PocockShadow WalkerMuthabir 10RoundheadJ GayePresent From Dubai10
Sue WallisRoundheadMuthabir 10Beautiful PeopleJ GayeHelmet/Cintsa Sun10
Alan PortonBella's VisionOrgandi 10Present From DubaiRoundheadBrave Helios10
Amanda LangdaleShadow WalkerTimetobenefitOrgandi 10LazioJ Gaye10
Brian DuckettLazioOrgandi 10RoundheadPresent From DubaiOver Stated10
Jeff McCarthyOrgandi 10Over StatedPresent From DubaiRoundheadShadow Walker10
Jenny TrierOrgandi 10Present From DubaiRoundheadTimetobenefitArctic Chief10
John GoldsmithMrs BarnesBeautiful PeoplePresent From DubaiOrgandi 10Shadow Walker10
Magda SadloPresent From DubaiStoney CrossWestern StormBeautiful PeopleOrgandi 1010
Sally BoseleyBeautiful PeopleOrgandi 10Viva RafaFermain BayRoundhead10
Susie PriceGolden DealOrgandi 10Present From DubaiRoundheadTimetobenefit10
Vince O'BrienBeautiful PeopleDandy LassPresent From DubaiOrgandi 10Mrs Barnes10
Bunny RobertsArctic ChiefViva RafaIron Horse 5Master Vintage 5Dandy Lass10
Bunny RobertsOver Stated Iron Horse 5Big Fiddle 3Arctic ChiefViva Rafa8
Andrew RylandMrs BarnesTimetobenefitMaster Vintage 5Golden DealOver Stated5
Eleanor ConaghanGolden DealIron Horse 5Shadow WalkerFermain BayTulane5
Jack PhillipsViva RafaWestern StormIron Horse 5Mrs BarnesOver Stated5
Lara PocockShadow WalkerViva RafaDandy LassWestern StormIron Horse 55
Reuben GregoryMrs BarnesLazioMighty ElsaBig Fiddle 3Tulane3
Brian DuckettRoundheadLazioViva RafaShadow WalkerStoney Cross
Gary ConaghanWestern StormMadame RitzViva RafaTimetobenefitBeautiful People
Joline SaundersJ GayePresent From DubaiShadow WalkerMrs BarnesRoundhead
Thelma ConaghanDandy LassMighty ElsaOver StatedStoney CrossRoundhead
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