This year’s Adlestrop Stables fun Five To Follow Competition started on 1st November, 2021


Horses will accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a win – double points if 10-1 or over

5 points for second

3 points for third



The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2022 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.



Bess The Pup Allan54Organdi 3TotterdownPicanha 28Tulane 23 Mrs Barnes
Dave Mahon51Picanha 28Fine TheatreTulane 23MethodtothemagicSageburg
Maggie Turner41Picanha 28Mattie Ross 3Iron Horse 5Rossbeigh Strand 5Robin Des Smoke
David Jessett36Iron Horse 5Organdi 3Picanha 28MethodtothemagicRobin Des Smoke
Mike Edwards36ElfridePicanha 28Fine TheatreOrgandi 3Iron Horse 5
Trish Crowson36Organdi 3TotterdownPicanha 28Flying DragonIron Horse 5
Jenny Trier36Organdi 3Picanha 28Run Rosie RunRossbeigh Strand 5Pethers Moon
Alan Bird36CorranyPicanha 28Iron Horse 5Mattie Ross 3Keep It Brief
Abi Elford36Picanha 28Keep It BriefMattie Ross 3Great StarRossbeigh Strand 5
Amanda Langdale36Mattie Ross 3Robin Des SmokePicanha 28Mrs BarnesRossbeigh Strand 5
Colin Pocock36Shadow WalkerRossbeigh Strand 5Mattie Ross 3CorranyPicanha 28
Colin Pocock36Shadow WalkerRossbeigh Strand 5Mattie Ross 3Picanha 28Mrs Barnes
Sarah Waite36CorranyMattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Rossbeigh Strand 5
Tash Meredith36Keep It BriefRossbeigh Strand 5Picanha 28Mattie Ross 3Mrs Barnes
Amy Durham34Tulane 23Organdi 3Mrs BarnesIron Horse 5Mattie Ross 3
Charlotte Bird34Mrs BarnesFine TheatreMattie Ross 3Picanha 28Organdi 3
John Disney34AvionKeep It BriefMattie Ross 3Organdi 3Picanha 28
Lorcan Hesse34Mattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesRossbeigh Strand 5Picanha 28Organdi 3
Richard Belcher34Picanha 28Keep It BriefOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3Great Star
Rob Dalziel34MethodtothemagicOrgandi 3Pop MistressPicanha 28Mattie Ross 3
Jenny Stowell33CorranyIron Horse 5Rossbeigh Strand 5TotterdownTulane 23
Dave Mahon33Mrs BarnesRossbeigh Strand 5Picanha 28CorranyFine Theatre
Faisal33Picanha 28Mrs BarnesGreat StarKeep It BriefRossbeigh Strand 5
John Rosbotham33TotterdownRossbeigh Strand 5Picanha 28Fine TheatreCorrany
Nigel Hiskett33CorranyMrs BarnesRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh Strand 5Picanha 28
Tom Foster33Picanha 28Rossbeigh Strand 5TotterdownCorranyOcho Grande
Amy Durham31Mrs BarnesLady Of AuthorityIron Horse 5Mattie Ross 3Tulane 23
Charlie Allan31Organdi 3Fine TheatreMrs BarnesPicanha 28Totterdown
Charlie Allan31TotterdownMrs BarnesPicanha 28Organdi 3Corrany
Helen Nixseaman31Fine TheatreKeep It BriefPicanha 28Great StarOrgandi 3
Jenny Trier31Picanha 28Robin Des SmokeTotterdownOrgandi 3Corrany
Amanda Langdale31Organdi 3Robin Des SmokeMattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesPicanha 28
Andy Bullion31CorranyPicanha 28MethodtothemagicMattie Ross 3Mrs Barnes
Andy Ryland31Mattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Robin Des SmokeMethodtothemagic
Anthony Hesse31Fine TheatrePicanha 28Mattie Ross 3Keep It BriefOcho Grande
Archie Hesse31Picanha 28Mattie Ross 3MethodtothemagicCorranyFlying Dragon
Dave Hellen31Picanha 28CorranyMighty ElsaShadow WalkerMattie Ross 3
David Jessett31Mattie Ross 3MethodtothemagicPicanha 28Mrs BarnesRobin Des Smoke
Gary Davies31Mattie Ross 3CorranyFlying DragonRobin Des SmokePicanha 28
Jay Taylor31Picanha 28ElfrideMattie Ross 3Keep It BriefFine Theatre
Richard Atkinson31CorranyTotterdownMattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesPicanha 28
Susie Price31Mrs BarnesMattie Ross 3Picanha 28Robin Des SmokeTotterdown
Susie Price31Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Mattie Ross 3MethodtothemagicCorrany
Tim Hailstone31Mattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Pop MistressPresent From Dubai
Andy Ryland28Keep It BriefRun Rosie RunCorranyRossbeigh Strand 5Tulane 23
Christopher Marriott28Picanha 28Lady Of AuthorityGreat StarKeep It BriefRobin Des Smoke
Clive Wale28CorranyTotterdownFine TheatreFlying DragonPicanha 28
Dave Redfern28Fine TheatreCorranyElfridePicanha 28Mrs Barnes
Eric Doherty28CorranyFine TheatrePicanha 28Great StarKeep It Brief
Gary Davies28Picanha 28Flying DragonGreat StarRobin Des SmokeKeep It Brief
Gavan Forster28PicanhaMrs BarnesOrgandi 3Flying DragonLady Of Authority
Hannah Faber28MethodtothemagicPether's Moon PetePicanha 28CorranyMrs Barnes
Jenny Stowell28Great StarOcho GrandePicanha 28Robin Des SmokeRun Rosie Run
Joe Phillips28Picanha 28CorranyFine TheatreMrs BarnesTotterdown
John Humphries28Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Flying DragonKeep It BriefOcho Grande
Joline Saunders28CorranyRun Rosie RunMrs BarnesPicanha 28Methodtothemagic
Toby Docker28Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Organdi 3CorranyRobin Des Smoke
Arthur Docker28Mrs BarnesGreat StarMattie Ross 3Picanha 28Robin Des Smoke
Charlie Hesse28Flying DragonPicanha 28Fine TheatreKeep It BriefMattie Ross 3
Alan Porton26Tulane 23Ocho GrandeOrgandi 3TotterdownFlying Dragon
Hannah Gregory26MethodtothemagicTulane 23Mrs BarnesMattie Ross 3Keep It Brief
Adam Hesse25Mrs BarnesPicanha 28Organdi 3Keep It BriefCorrany
Adrian Rudge23CorranyTulane 23Robin Des SmokeMrs BarnesFine Theatre
Clemmie Durham23Keep It BriefOcho GrandeMrs BarnesTulane 23Shadow Walker
Chris Wilson11Fine TheatreIron Horse 5Run Rosie RunOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3
David Wells11Mattie Ross 3Iron Horse 5Organdi 3Mrs BarnesCorrany
Gary Davies11Flying DragonCorranyOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3Iron Horse 5
Jenny Stowell11Mattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesRossbeigh Strand 5Keep It BriefOrgandi 3
Tim Hailstone11Mattie Ross 3Ocho GrandeOrgandi 3Rossbeigh Strand 5Pethers Moon
Jenny Trier10Mrs BarnesIron Horse 5Rossbeigh Strand 5Robin Des SmokeMethodtothemagic
Andy Bullion8Robin Des SmokeRossbeigh Strand 5Organdi 3Flying DragonFine Theatre
Amanda Langdale8Iron Horse 5Flying DragonGreat StarMattie Ross 3Robin Des Smoke
Amanda Langdale8Mattie Ross 3Iron Horse 5Great StarRobin Des SmokeMrs Barnes
Jerry Conaghan8Fine TheatreRobin Des SmokeMattie Ross 3Great StarIron Horse 5
Oscar Hurring8Kingston HillIron Horse 5Mattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesRobin Des Smoke
Tessa Ross8Iron Horse 5Lady Of AuthorityMattie Ross 3Mighty ElsaShadow Walker
Charlie Hesse8AvionRossbeigh Strand 5Mattie Ross 3Ocho GrandeRun Rosie Run
Colin Pocock8Shadow WalkerRossbeigh Strand 5Mattie Ross 3CorranyMrs Barnes
JTD Bloodstock8Shadow WalkerRossbeigh Strand 5Mattie Ross 3Robin Des SmokeKeep It Brief
Pocock Girls8Rossbeigh Strand 5Mattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesRobin Des SmokeShadow Walker
Aideen Logue6Mattie Ross 3Pop MistressOrgandi 3Flying DragonMrs Barnes
Bunny Roberts6Organdi 3CorranyMattie Ross 3Robin Des SmokeFlying Dragon
Dave Hellen6ElfrideOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3MethodtothemagicFine Theatre
David Wells6Mattie Ross 3Organdi 3Lady Of AuthorityCorranyFine Theatre
Eric Boumans6ElfrideMattie Ross 3Mrs BarnesOrgandi 3Pop Mistress
Eric Doherty6Mattie Ross 3Run Rosie RunTotterdownRobin Des SmokeOrgandi 3
Gary Conaghan6Mattie Ross 3Organdi 3Mrs BarnesCorranyMethodtothemagic
Satya Hurring6Organdi 3Great StarMrs BarnesRobin Des SmokeMattie Ross 3
Susie Price6Mrs BarnesCorranyOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3Fine Theatre
Willoughby Phillips6Keep It BriefOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3MethodtothemagicRobin Des Smoke
Sara Hemming6AvionCorranyTotterdownOrgandi 3Mattie Ross 3
Peggy King5Great StarRun Rosie RunRobin Des SmokeIron Horse 5Ocho Grande
Gemma Winrow5Great StarKeep It BriefMethodtothemagicMrs BarnesRossbeigh Strand 5
Jerry Conaghan5Robin Des SmokeRossbeigh Strand 5Run Rosie RunCorranyKeep It Brief
Richard Belcher5Rossbeigh Strand 5Mrs BarnesTotterdownMethodtothemagicOcho Grande
Alan Porton3Flying DragonLady Of AuthorityOcho GrandeOrgandi 3Robin Des Smoke
Bella WMBD Allan3Ocho GrandeOrgandi 3Fine TheatreFlying DragonTotterdown
Bunny Roberts3Flying DragonKeep It BriefOrgandi 3Mrs BarnesMethodtothemagic
Bunny Roberts3TotterdownRun Rosie RunOcho GrandeOrgandi 3Keep It Brief
Bunny Roberts3Flying DragonCorranyOrgandi 3MethodtothemagicRobin Des Smoke
Charlie Allan3Pether's Moon PeteOrgandi 3TotterdownFine TheatreFlying Dragon
Chris Lawson3AvionCorranyFine TheatreMethodtothemagicOrgandi 3
Jenny Stowell3Flying DragonLady Of AuthorityMrs BarnesKeep It BriefOrgandi 3
Kate Jackson3Fine TheatreOrgandi 3Run Rosie RunTotterdownLady Of Authority
Sue Muir3Fine TheatreCorranyOrgandi 3TotterdownMethodtothemagic
Sara Hemming3TotterdownFine TheatreFlying DragonOrgandi 3Mrs Barnes
Amanda Langdale3Pether's Moon PeteRobin Des SmokeMattie Ross 3CorranyKeep It Brief
Clive Wale3Flying DragonKeep It BriefMrs BarnesTotterdownMattie Ross 3
Jenny Trier3Fine TheatreMattie Ross 3Robin Des SmokeKeep It BriefGreat Star
Lara Pocock3Shadow WalkerMrs BarnesRobin Des SmokeMattie Ross 3Ocho Grande
Mike Edwards3Mrs BarnesGreat StarOcho GrandeMattie Ross 3Robin Des Smoke
Tim Hailstone3Mattie Ross 3CorranyGreat StarLady Of AuthorityKingston Hill / Mayolynn
Andy RylandFine TheatreGreat StarShadow WalkerTotterdownKingston Hill / Mayolynn
Dave MahonCorranyFine TheatreFlying DragonMrs BarnesRun Rosie Run
Gary DaviesPresent From DubaiFlying DragonAvionElfrideMethodtothemagic
Gemma WinrowAvionCorranyElfrideFine TheatreFlying Dragon
Jenny StowellAvionFine TheatreMethodtothemagicMrs BarnesShadow Walker
JTD BloodstockFine TheatreFlying DragonKeep It BriefRobin Des SmokeTotterdown
Lara PocockShadow WalkerFine TheatreMrs BarnesKeep It BriefCorrany
Mick KingFlying DragonMrs BarnesKeep It BriefRobin Des SmokeTotterdown
Richard BelcherLady Of AuthorityRobin Des SmokeCorranyAvionFlying Dragon
Susie PriceMrs BarnesCorranyTotterdownPethers MoonRobin Des Smoke
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