Our fun Five to Follow Competition 2020/21 is now underway having started on the 9th October 2020.


Horses will accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a winner – double points if the win is priced at 10-1 or above.

5 points for a second

3 points for a third


It is only £5 per entry and you can have as many entries as you like.

Please email over your selections to us on info@richardphillipsracing.com or if you prefer, you can download an entry form HERE and post it into us.

Payment for your entries can be made by Paypal on this link: PAY NOW or if you prefer, a cheque sent to us made out to ‘Richard Phillips’ is fine.


The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2021 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.


Abogados PricePresent From DubaiIron HorseJ GayeIslandrayPicanha
Adrian BettsBlue Hour BayLesserRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh StrandMinella Whisper
Adrian BettsJ GayeMuthabirPicanhaTulanePresent From Dubai
Adrian BettsIslandrayLady Of AuthorityJ GayePicanhaMuthabir
Aideen LogueMighty ElsaRossbeigh StrandTulaneAvionPresent From Dubai
Aideen LogueBig FiddleDandy LassIron HorseLesserMaster Vintage
Alf BissettMuthabirPresent From DubaiOrgandiTulaneLady Of Authority
Amanda LangdaleLesserIron HorsePicanhaRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh Strand
Amanda LangdaleIron HorseIslandrayJ GayeLesserShadow Walker
Amanda LangdaleLesserMrs BarnesOrgandiPicanhaPresent From Dubai
Amanda LangdaleIslandrayLesserMaster VintagePresent From DubaiRobin Des Smoke
Amy DurhamPresent From DubaiPop MistressBeautiful PeopleMuthabirMethodtothemagic
Andrew RylandTulaneIron HorseRobin Des SmokeOrgandiIslandray
Andrew RylandPicanhaPresent From DubaiJ GayeRossbeigh StrandBeautiful People
Andrew RylandBlue Hour BayLesserMethodtothemagicBig FiddleDandy Lass
Andy BullionPicanhaIslandrayRobin Des SmokePresent From DubaiRossbeigh Strand
Andy BullionLesserPop MistressMaster VintageJ GayeTulane
Angela PriceIslandrayJ GayeLady Of AuthorityOrgandiIron Horse
Angela PriceMaster VintageMuthabirMethodtothemagicRossbeigh StrandPresent From Dubai
Arthur DockerLesserPicanhaOrgandiMaster VintageMrs Barnes
Beki WellsMattie RossBeautiful PeopleMuthabirOrgandiRobin Des Smoke
Bunny RobertsBig FiddleMuthabirTimetobenefitTulaneMethodtothemagic
Bunny RobertsMaster VintageLady Of AuthorityIron HorseMinella WhisperMuthabir
Bunny RobertsPresent From DubaiRun Rosie RunTulaneBig FiddleIron Horse
Bunny RobertsJ GayeIslandrayIron HorseTimetobenefitLady Of Authority
Carole MainstoneRossbeigh StrandMaster VintageMuthabirOrgandiPicanha
Charlie AllanBeautiful PeopleOrgandiAvionMuthabirMaster Vintage
Charlie AllanIron HorseIslandrayMinella WhisperPicanhaRossbeigh Strand
Charlie AllanPresent From DubaiOrgandiPicanhaMinella WhisperIslandray
Charlie AllanRossbeigh StrandBeautiful PeoplePresent From DubaiPicanhaMuthabir
Charlotte BirdBlue Hour BayJ GayeMuthabirPicanhaPresent From Dubai
Chris NewportPresent From DubaiIslandrayPicanhaJ GayeRobin Des Smoke
Chris NewportRossbeigh StrandRobin Des SmokePicanhaMuthabirPresent From Dubai
Chris NewportPicanhaRossbeigh StrandJ GayeIslandrayMuthabir
Chris NewportPicanhaIslandrayRobin Des SmokeJ GayeRossbeigh Strand
Chris WilsonBig FiddleDandy LassIron HorseMaster VintagePresent From Dubai
Clemmie DurhamMinella WhisperMighty ElsaMuthabirBeautiful PeopleDandy Lass
Clive WaleMuthabirPresent From DubaiBeautiful PeopleOrgandiBlue Hour Bay
Clive WaleIslandrayJ GayeLady Of AuthorityLesserMinella Whisper
Colin PocockShadow WalkerRobin Des SmokeMrs BarnesPicanhaOrgandi
Colin PocockShadow WalkerRobin Des SmokeMrs BarnesMinella WhisperPresent From Dubai
Colin PocockShadow WalkerRobin Des SmokePicanhaLesserBeautiful People
Colin PocockShadow WalkerMrs BarnesRossbeigh StrandPicanhaPresent From Dubai
Dave Mahon & Gemma LesserIslandrayMuthabirPresent From DubaiRossbeigh Strand
Dave Mahon & Gemma Robin Des SmokeShadow WalkerPresent From DubaiRossbeigh StrandMuthabir
Dave Mahon & Gemma OrgandiPicanhaMuthabirPresent From DubaiRossbeigh Strand
Dave Mahon & Gemma Rossbeigh StrandPicanhaMethodtothemagicMinella WhisperMrs Barnes
Dave Mahon & Gemma PicanhaPresent From DubaiRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh StrandTimetobenefit
Dave Mahon & Gemma MethodtothemagicPresent From DubaiMuthabirRossbeigh StrandMaster Vintage
David JessettBeautiful PeopleIslandrayOrgandiPicanhaPresent From Dubai
David LawrenceMethodtothemagicOrgandiPicanhaPresent From DubaiShadow Walker
David WellsMattie RossAvionJ GayeLesserRossbeigh Strand
Ed WareOver StatedIslandrayRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh StrandMethodtothemagic
Eoin LogueBlue Hour BayBeautiful PeopleMinella WhisperOver StatedShadow Walker
Eric DohertyJ GayePresent From DubaiPicanhaMaster VintageLady Of Authority
Eric DohertyMuthabirPresent From DubaiJ GayeIron HorseOrgandi
FaisalIron HorseIslandrayPresent From DubaiRossbeigh StrandRobin Des Smoke
Gary ConaghanPresent From DubaiOrgandiJ GayeTulanePicanha
Guy ButchersBig FiddleIron HorseMethodtothemagicPicanhaRossbeigh Strand
Guy ButchersIslandrayJ GayeLesserMrs BarnesPicanha
Gwenda PocockShadow WalkerMrs BarnesMinella WhisperPicanhaOrgandi
Hannah GregoryJ GayeTulaneMinella WhisperPresent From DubaiMaster Vintage
Jack PhillipsMrs BarnesMuthabirOrgandiJ GayePicanha
James PilcherBlue Hour BayOrgandiRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh StrandPresent From Dubai
Jay TaylorPicanhaPresent From DubaiTulaneBeautiful PeopleOrgandi
Jeff McCarthyIslandrayJ GayeLesserPresent From DubaiShadow Walker
Jeff McCarthyLesserMethodtothemagicPicanhaPresent From DubaiShadow Walker
Jeff McCarthyIslandrayJ GayeMethodtothemagicPicanhaLesser
Jenny BissettMrs BarnesBeautiful PeopleOrgandiMaster VintageJ Gaye
Jenny StowellBeautiful PeopleJ GayeIron HorsePresent From DubaiTulane
Jenny StowellOrgandiBeautiful PeopleIslandrayPicanhaMuthabir
Jenny StowellMaster VintageMighty ElsaRobin Des SmokeTulaneTimetobenefit
Jenny StowellBlue Hour BayDandy LassMethodtothemagicPicanhaBeautiful People
Jenny StowellIron HorseOrgandiIslandrayJ GayePresent From Dubai
Jerry ConaghanBlue Hour BayDandy LassIslandrayJ GayeLesser
Jerry ConaghanLady Of AuthorityMattie RossMuthabirRun Rosie RunPicanha
Joe PhillipsIslandrayJ GayeLesserMethodtothemagicMinella Whisper
John LogueOrgandiBeautiful PeopleBig FiddleTimetobenefitPresent From Dubai
JolineIslandrayRobin Des SmokeLesserRossbeigh StrandMethodtothemagic
JTD BloodstockShadow WalkerLesserPicanhaMinella WhisperMrs Barnes
JTD BloodstockShadow WalkerRobin Des SmokePicanhaIslandrayRossbeigh Strand
Juliet WrennIslandrayLesserMuthabirPicanhaRossbeigh Strand
Kate PhillipsPresent From DubaiRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh StrandTulaneMattie Ross
Lara PocockShadow WalkerMuthabirMrs BarnesPicanhaPresent From Dubai
Lara PocockShadow WalkerTimetobenefitLesserIslandrayIron Horse
Brodie PocockShadow WalkerBeautiful PeopleJ GayeMuthabirIron Horse
Lewis GroenewaldTulaneIslandrayJ GayeLesserMethodtothemagic
Liam SweeneyPicanhaPresent From DubaiRobin Des SmokeLesserMethodtothemagic
Liam SweeneyIslandrayRobin Des SmokePresent From DubaiBlue Hour BayShadow Walker
Maggie TurnerRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh StrandIron HorseIslandrayRun Rosie Run
Martin RylandJ GayeLady Of AuthorityOrgandiPicanhaRobin Des Smoke
Martin RylandPicanhaOrgandiTulaneRossbeigh StrandPresent From Dubai
Michael HaasPicanhaJ GayeTulaneOrgandiLady Of Authority
Natasha MeredithMethodtothemagicIron HorseMrs BarnesMattie RossOrgandi
Nigel HiskettIslandrayMinella WhisperPresent From DubaiRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh Strand
Nigel HiskettIslandrayLesserMinella WhisperPresent From DubaiBeautiful People
Oscar HurringIron HorseJ GayeLesserMaster VintagePicanha
Peter & Anne HepworthMinella WhisperRobin Des SmokePicanhaMethodtothemagicIslandray
Peter & Anne HepworthMethodtothemagicMighty ElsaMuthabirOrgandiPresent From Dubai
Peter JensonIslandrayBeautiful PeopleDandy LassIron HorseLady Of Authority
Peter JensonIslandrayBeautiful PeopleIron HorseMaster VintageRun Rosie Run
Peter JensonIslandrayDandy LassIron HorseMaster VintageRun Rosie Run
Peter JensonIslandrayIron HorseLady Of AuthorityMaster VintageRun Rosie Run
Phil SurteesRossbeigh StrandPicanhaMuthabirJ GayeLesser
Phil SurteesBeautiful PeopleRobin Des SmokePicanhaMinella WhisperPresent From Dubai
Phil SurteesMinella WhisperIslandrayMethodtothemagicOrgandiTulane
Phil SurteesRossbeigh StrandRobin Des SmokeOrgandiPresent From DubaiPicanha
Ralph PriceRobin Des SmokePresent From DubaiLesserOrgandiMethodtothemagic
Richard AtkinsonPop MistressPresent From DubaiPicanhaMuthabirOrgandi
Richard BelcherPicanhaOrgandiIslandrayRobin Des SmokeTulane
Richard BelcherPicanhaRossbeigh StrandRun Rosie RunShadow WalkerPop Mistress
Richard BelcherLady Of AuthorityMrs BarnesBig FiddleJ GayeMinella Whisper
Satya HurringRossbeigh StrandShadow WalkerIslandrayOrgandiTulane
Steve PayneMattie RossIron HorsePresent From DubaiTimetobenefitTulane
Steve PayneMattie RossOrgandiPicanhaIslandrayDandy Lass
Stuart DurhamBeautiful PeoplePop MistressTulaneBig FiddleIron Horse
Tessa RossMattie RossBeautiful PeopleIron HorseRun Rosie RunPop Mistress
The Zara SyndicateBeautiful PeopleLesserMattie RossMighty ElsaRossbeigh Strand
Tim HailstonePicanhaJ GayeLesserMaster VintageMattie Ross
Tim HailstoneOrgandiPicanhaPresent From DubaiRobin Des SmokeRossbeigh Strand
Tim ProgerIslandrayLady Of AuthorityLesserMaster VintageBeautiful People
Tim ProgerDandy LassMuthabirMethodtothemagicRossbeigh StrandOrgandi
Toby DockerIslandrayPicanhaRobin Des SmokeIron HorseLesser
Willoughby PhillipsRossbeigh StrandRobin Des SmokeIslandrayOrgandiPicanha
Rob DalzielMethodtothemagicPresent From DubaiRossbeigh StrandRobin Des SmokeMinella Whisper
Rob DalzielMethodtothemagicPresent From DubaiLesserPicanhaIslandray
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