Our 2017/2018 Five To Follow Competition is due to start on 1st November 2017.


Choose FIVE Adlestrop horses per entry from the Horses In Training list on this website.  You can make as many entries as you like at £5 per entry.

When you have made your selections, email them over to us at info@richardphilipsracing.com

Alternatively you can fill out this ENTRY FORM

Each entry is £5 and payment can be made via Paypal here Paypal.me/PhillipsRacing or by cash or cheque payable to ‘Richard Phillips’.


Horses will accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a win

5 points for second

3 points for third

The competition run from 1st November, 2017 to 30th April 2018


The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2018 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.

FINAL RESULTS 30th April, 2017

Jenson PocockCelestial Magic 25Muthabir 20Next Lot 5Bertie Barnes 5Lucky Thirteen 560
Chris NewportMuthabir 20Lucky Thirteen 5Celestial Magic 25What A ScoreViva Rafa 353
Magdalena WasMuthabir 20Celestial Magic 25Beautiful People 3CoyabaViva Rafa 351
Nash NewportMuthabir 20What A ScoreCelestial Magic 25Viva Rafa 3Brave Helios 351
Bunny RobertsArctic ChiefBertie Barnes 5Celestial Magic 25CoyabaMuthabir 2050
Amanda LangdaleSpeed DemonWestern StormMuthabir 20Celestial Magic 25Brave Helios 348
Lara PocockViva Rafa 3Western StormMuthabir 20Speed DemonCelestial Magic 2548
Matt HagueBrave Helios 3Celestial Magic 25Lerichi BelleMuthabir 20Time Wise48
Simone LawrenceArctic ChiefBerkeley BarronCelestial Magic 25Muthabir 20Viva Rafa 348
Sue JonesBrave Helios 3Celestial Magic 25Time WiseCoyabaMuthabir 2048
Chris NewportMuthabir 20Celestial Magic 25Arctic ChiefWhat A ScoreCoyaba45
Nash NewportMuthabir 20What A ScoreWestern StormCoyabaCelestial Magic 2545
Nash NewportMuthabir 20CoyabaCelestial Magic 25Western StormArctic Chief45
David PayneOrgandiCelestial Magic 25Top Set 8Lucky Thirteen 5Bertie Barnes 543
Jack PhillipsCosmic KingTop Set 8Celestial Magic 25Bertie Barnes 5Beautiful People 341
Jon HoltonMuthabir 20Top Set 8Beautiful People 3Lucky Thirteen 5Next Lot 541
Clemmie DurhamBeautiful People 3Bertie Barnes 5Top Set 8Muthabir 20Brave Helios 339
Amanda LangdaleMaster Vintage 10Celestial Magic 25Mr FrankieBrave Helios 3Timetobenefit38
Bob JohnstonBertie Barnes 5Viva Rafa 3Beautiful People 3Muthabir 20Brave Helios 334
Jay TaylorTop Set 8Viva Rafa 3Brave Helios 3Berkeley BarronMuthabir 2034
Adrian BettsArctic ChiefCelestial Magic 25Mr FrankieTop Set 8Western Storm33
Clemmie DurhamNext Lot 5Viva Rafa 3Celestial Magic 25Berkeley BarronArctic Chief33
Ella PocockSheelbewhatsheelbe 3Bertie Barnes 5Celestial Magic 25Mighty ElsaWestern Storm33
GungaWestern StormCoyabaMuthabir 20Top Set 8Next Lot 533
Jenny StowellBrave Helios 3Master Vintage 10Muthabir 20Paloma's PrinceSpeed Demon33
Lara PocockViva Rafa 3Lucky Thirteen 5Bertie Barnes 5Lerichi BelleMuthabir 2033
Amy DurhamMuthabir 20What A ScoreTop Set 8Brave Helios 3Coyaba31
Gary ConaghanIron HorseTop Set 8Viva Rafa 3Muthabir 20Goldie Lynch31
George HillArctic ChiefBrave Helios 3Celestial Magic 25Paloma's PrinceViva Rafa 331
Jeff McCarthyArctic ChiefBeautiful People 3Muthabir 20Top Set 8What A Score31
Lady DavisBrave Helios 3Ask JillyMuthabir 20Top Set 8Coyaba31
Willoughby PhillipsViva Rafa 3Sheelbewhatsheelbe 3What A ScoreMuthabir 20Next Lot 531
David PayneArctic ChiefBertie Barnes 5CoyabaLucky Thirteen 5Muthabir 2030
Ray BaileyMaster Vintage 10Muthabir 20Paloma's PrinceTime WiseArctic Chief30
Rossie Reigning ChampMr FrankieArctic ChiefWestern StormCelestial Magic 25Bertie Barnes 530
Brian DuckettBeautiful People 3Muthabir 20Sheelbewhatsheelbe 3Viva Rafa 3What A Score29
Zack DavidsonViva Rafa 3Beautiful People 3Muthabir 20Brave Helios 3Cosmic King29
Charlie AllanBeautiful People 3Arctic ChiefMuthabir 20Lucky Thirteen 5What A Score28
Chris NewportMuthabir 20Lucky Thirteen 5CoyabaArctic ChiefBrave Helios 328
Clive WaleArctic ChiefBrave Helios 3Berkeley BarronCelestial Magic 25Cosmic King28
Clive WaleLucky Thirteen 5Muthabir 20Speed DemonPaloma's PrinceViva Rafa 328
David JessettBeautiful People 3CoyabaLucky Thirteen 5Muthabir 20Speed Demon28
David PayneCoyabaArctic ChiefSecret LookTop Set 8Muthabir 2028
Hugh BettsMuthabir 20Mr FrankieViva Rafa 3Paloma's PrinceBertie Barnes 528
Jagat SinghArctic ChiefBrave Helios 3Muthabir 20Western StormLucky Thirteen 528
Jenny TrierMuthabir 20Western StormViva Rafa 3Speed DemonLucky Thirteen 528
Richard BelcherAsk JillyBeautiful People 3Time WiseCelestial Magic 25Speed Demon28
Richard BelcherMuthabir 20Our ProjectBertie Barnes 5Brave Helios 3Totterdown28
Chris NewportMuthabir 20Viva Rafa 3CoyabaArctic ChiefBrave Helios 326
Gwenda PocockBeautiful People 3Muthabir 20Western StormBrave Helios 3Berkeley Barron26
Jeff McCarthyIron HorseNext Lot 5Our ProjectSpeed DemonMuthabir 2025
Jenny StowellCelestial Magic 25Mr FrankieTimetobenefitRafaafWhat A Score25
Nick RustWestern StormOrgandiPaloma's PrinceIron HorseCelestial Magic 2525
Susie PriceCoyabaMuthabir 20Iron HorseNext Lot 5Western Storm25
Alf BissettArctic ChiefMuthabir 20Paloma's PrinceBrave Helios 3Catkin Copse23
Amanda LangdaleTimetobenefitBrave Helios 3Cosmic KingTop Set 8Master Vintage 1023
David LawrenceBerkeley BarronBrave Helios 3Muthabir 20Paloma's PrinceSpeed Demon23
Eric DohertyArctic ChiefBrave Helios 3Muthabir 20Speed DemonWhat A Score23
Nash NewportMuthabir 20Western StormWhat A ScoreViva Rafa 3Arctic Chief23
Tony AshallTime WiseArctic ChiefMuthabir 20Western StormBrave Helios 323
Adrian BettsArctic ChiefMr FrankieMuthabir 20Secret LookWestern Storm20
Gulab SinghWestern StormArctic ChiefPaloma's PrinceMuthabir 20Rafaaf20
FaisalBertie Barnes 5RafaafLucky Thirteen 5Western StormTop Set 818
David PayneSheelbewhatsheelbe 3Top Set 8Western StormLucky Thirteen 5Secret Look16
Mike ThompsonBeautiful People 3Master Vintage 10RafaafTotterdownViva Rafa 316
Ian PophamBertie Barnes 5CoyabaNext Lot 5Lucky Thirteen 5Cosmic King15
Mary ParkesCatkin CopseMaster Vintage 10Secret LookBerkeley BarronBertie Barnes 515
Caroline AshallTime WiseCosmic KingPaloma's PrinceMaster Vintage 10Viva Rafa 313
Jenny StowellArctic ChiefBeautiful People 3Next Lot 5Lerichi BelleLucky Thirteen 513
Richard AtkinsonBertie Barnes 5Beautiful People 3Western StormBrave Helios 3Mr Frankie11
Stuart DurhamWhat A ScoreSheelbewhatsheelbe 3Western StormTop Set 8Secret Look11
Sue WallisTop Set 8Ask JillyBrave Helios 3CoyabaPaloma's Prince11
Beanie SaundersCoyabaBertie Barnes 5Next Lot 5What A ScoreTimetobenefit10
Eddie KingLucky Thirteen 5Bertie Barnes 5Secret LookWestern StormAsk Jilly10
Eustace TheodoreIron HorseMaster Vintage 10Secret LookWhat A ScoreCoyaba10
Rossie Reigning ChampArctic ChiefWestern StormWhat A ScoreMaster Vintage 10Timetobenefit10
Amanda LangdaleTimetobenefitWestern StormMr FrankieBrave Helios 3Lucky Thirteen 58
Beanie SaundersCoyabaBertie Barnes 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 3Arctic ChiefIron Horse8
Bubbles RobertsWestern StormViva Rafa 3TimetobenefitNext Lot 5Cosmic King8
Helen NixseamanTimetobenefitArctic ChiefSecret LookTop Set 8Coyaba8
Mick BarnesBrave Helios 3Bertie Barnes 5Iron HorseLerichi BelleCoyaba8
Mick BarnesBertie Barnes 5Lerichi BelleMighty ElsaCosmic KingBeautiful People 38
Colin PocockCoyabaViva Rafa 3Beautiful People 3Cosmic KingWestern Storm6
Colin PocockCoyabaViva Rafa 3Beautiful People 3Speed DemonWhat A Score6
Hugh BettsArctic ChiefBrave Helios 3Paloma's PrinceViva Rafa 3Western Storm6
Ray BaileyIron HorseBrave Helios 3Viva Rafa 3RafaafMr Frankie6
Alf BissettArctic ChiefBerkeley BarronBertie Barnes 5Lerichi BelleOur Project5
Amanda LangdaleWhat A ScoreLucky Thirteen 5Iron HorseMr FrankieSpeed Demon5
Doug PocockNext Lot 5Mighty ElsaCosmic KingCoyabaIron Horse5
Lady DavisLerichi BelleLucky Thirteen 5Catkin CopseRafaafMr Frankie5
Larisa KorbelovaWhat A ScoreTimetobenefitLucky Thirteen 5Lerichi BelleIron Horse5
Thelma ConaghanCoyabaBertie Barnes 5Ask JillyMr FrankieWestern Storm5
George HillBeautiful People 3Cosmic KingPowderonthebonnetPaloma's PrinceTimetobenefit3
Richard BelcherArctic ChiefCoyabaOur ProjectSheelbewhatsheelbe 3Western Storm3
Sue JonesIron HorseOur ProjectSecret LookSheelbewhatsheelbe 3Totterdown3
Sue WallisSheelbewhatsheelbe 3Time WiseTotterdownSecret LookWestern Storm3
Susie PriceViva Rafa 3CoyabaSpeed DemonWestern StormLerichi Belle3
Eleanor HughesMighty ElsaCosmic KingPaloma's PrinceIron HorseWhat A Score
Ella PocockWhat A ScoreCosmic KingTime WiseAsk JillySpeed Demon
Jerry ConaghanWhat A ScoreTotterdownSpeed DemonOrgandiMighty Elsa
Joe PhillipsArctic ChiefWestern StormCoyabaTimetobenefitWhat A Score
Mike ThompsonCatkin CopseCosmic KingMr FrankiePowderonthebonnetTimetobenefit
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