Our 2017/2018 Five To Follow Competition started on 1st November 2017 and ends on 30th April 2018.


Horses will accumulate points as follows:

10 points for a win

5 points for second

3 points for third


The winner of the competition with the most points on 30th April, 2018 will receive 60% of the total entry fee, second place 25% and third place 15%.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.


As of 28th April, 2018

David JessettBertie Barnes 20Celestial MagicMinella Whisper 16Muthabir 13Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1564
Alf BissettArctic Chief 6Bertie Barnes 20Viva Rafa 5Muthabir 13Minella Whisper 1660
Toby CollinsMinella Whisper 16Muthabir 13Arctic Chief 6Master Vintage 5Bertie Barnes 2060
Richard AtkinsonBertie Barnes 20Muthabir 13Viva Rafa 5Minella Whisper 16Master Vintage 559
Luke WatsonPresent From Dubai 5Muthabir 13Bertie Barnes 20Celestial MagicMadame Ritz 1654
Bob JohnstonBertie Barnes 20Master Vintage 5Muthabir 13Celestial MagicSheelbewhatsheelbe 1553
Joe PhillipsBertie Barnes 20Celestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 13Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1553
Toby DockerMaster Vintage 5Minella Whisper 16Mrs BarnesMuthabir 13Madame Ritz 1650
Anne RaySheelbewhatsheelbe 15Brave HeliosMinella Whisper 16Viva Rafa 5Muthabir 1349
Jenny StowellCelestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 13Minella Whisper 16Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1549
Olivia & Scarlett KingViva Rafa 5Totterdown 15OrgandiMinella Whisper 16Muthabir 1349
Richard BelcherBeautiful PeopleCelestial MagicMuthabir 13Bertie Barnes 20Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1548
John GoldsmithPresent From Dubai 5Bertie Barnes 20Master Vintage 5Madame Ritz 16Mrs Barnes46
David MahonViva Rafa 5Muthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Master Vintage 543
Miriam PhillipsBertie Barnes 20Mrs BarnesSheelbewhatsheelbe 15Master Vintage 5Iron Horse 343
Anne RayPresent From Dubai 5Minella Whisper 16Over StatedSheelbewhatsheelbe 15Master Vintage 541
Clive WalePresent From Dubai 5Master Vintage 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Celestial MagicMinella Whisper 1641
Gemma WinrowMaster Vintage 5Minella Whisper 16Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Viva Rafa 5Western Storm41
Gwenda PocockCelestial MagicBertie Barnes 20Over StatedPresent From Dubai 5Minella Whisper 1641
Charlie AllanArctic Chief 6OrgandiMadame Ritz 16Present From Dubai 5Muthabir 1340
Lara PocockBertie Barnes 20Totterdown 15Viva Rafa 5Bella's VisionCelestial Magic40
Mick BarnesBertie Barnes 20Big FiddleMaster Vintage 5Mrs BarnesTotterdown 1540
Alf BissettArctic Chief 6Celestial MagicMastMuthabir 13Bertie Barnes 2039
Jon HoltonMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Minella Whisper 16Celestial MagicMaster Vintage 539
Adrian BettsBertie Barnes 20Brave HeliosCelestial MagicMuthabir 13Viva Rafa 538
Brian DuckettBrave HeliosMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Viva Rafa 538
Bunny RobertsMuthabir 13Over StatedCelestial MagicBertie Barnes 20Master Vintage 538
Carolyn WheelerCelestial MagicTimetobenefitPresent From Dubai 5Muthabir 13Bertie Barnes 2038
Chris NewportMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Celestial MagicBertie Barnes 20Mrs Barnes38
Chris NewportMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Over StatedMrs BarnesBertie Barnes 2038
David MahonMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Over StatedMaster Vintage 538
Gulab SinghMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 13Over StatedMighty ElsaBertie Barnes 2038
Jay TaylorPresent From Dubai 5Celestial MagicMuthabir 13Master Vintage 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1538
John GoldsmithMaster Vintage 5Over StatedMuthabir 13Totterdown 15Viva Rafa 538
Nash NewportBertie Barnes 20Muthabir 13Celestial MagicPresent From Dubai 5What A Score38
Neil HumeBertie Barnes 20Iron Horse 3Stoney CrossBig FiddleSheelbewhatsheelbe 1538
Noah CollinsTulaneGolden DealMadame Ritz 16Minella Whisper 16Arctic Chief 638
Tim ProgerPresent From Dubai 5Master Vintage 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Secret LookMuthabir 1338
Hannah BishopMrs BarnesPresent From Dubai 5Madame Ritz 16Minella Whisper 16Over Stated37
Lara PocockMadame Ritz 16Iron Horse 3Muthabir 13Viva Rafa 5Celestial Magic37
Adrian BettsGolden DealMaster Vintage 5Minella Whisper 16Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Tulane36
Beanie SaundersMrs BarnesMinella Whisper 16Totterdown 15Viva Rafa 5Over Stated36
Tony JeffryesCelestial MagicMinella Whisper 16Next LotSheelbewhatsheelbe 15Viva Rafa 536
Amy DurhamTotterdown 15TimetobenefitWhat A ScoreBrave HeliosBertie Barnes 2035
Charlie AllanArctic Chief 6OrgandiMadame Ritz 16Over StatedMuthabir 1335
Jenny StowellOrgandiBrave HeliosMinella Whisper 16Madame Ritz 16Iron Horse 335
David MahonWestern StormMuthabir 13Celestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Minella Whisper 1634
Nash NewportMinella Whisper 16Present From Dubai 5Muthabir 13Over StatedCelestial Magic34
Nash NewportMuthabir 13Celestial MagicMrs BarnesPresent From Dubai 5Minella Whisper 1634
Stuart DurhamSheelbewhatsheelbe 15Minella Whisper 16Stoney CrossMighty ElsaIron Horse 334
Adrian BettsBrave HeliosCelestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 13Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1533
Brian DuckettBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 13Over StatedPresent From Dubai 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1533
Carole & Paul MainstoneBrave HeliosMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 13Over StatedTotterdown 1533
Chris NewportMuthabir 13Brave HeliosCelestial MagicOver StatedBertie Barnes 2033
Hugh BettsBeautiful PeopleMuthabir 13TulaneBertie Barnes 20Western Storm33
Jack PhillipsTimetobenefitViva Rafa 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Muthabir 13Celestial Magic33
Jagat SinghMuthabir 13Viva Rafa 5OrgandiPresent From Dubai 5Mrs Barnes33
Jenson TD PocockMuthabir 13Celestial MagicBertie Barnes 20Over StatedBella's Vision33
Lisa KingBig FiddleTimetobenefitWhat A ScoreBertie Barnes 20Muthabir 1333
Sue DavisBeautiful PeopleBertie Barnes 20Brave HeliosMuthabir 13Mighty Elsa33
John HumphriesMrs BarnesBertie Barnes 20Present From Dubai 5Brave HeliosArctic Chief 631
Norma RayentBrave HeliosMadame Ritz 16Over StatedSheelbewhatsheelbe 15What A Score31
John HumphriesPresent From Dubai 5Mrs BarnesBrave HeliosMaster Vintage 5Bertie Barnes 2030
Colin PocockCelestial MagicMuthabir 13Over StatedBella's VisionMinella Whisper 1629
Gary ConaghanCelestial MagicMuthabir 13Minella Whisper 16Golden DealBrave Helios29
David MahonMuthabir 13Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Over StatedBella's VisionTime To Benefit28
Jeff McCarthyBella's VisionOver StatedMuthabir 13Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Celestial Magic28
Amanda LangdaleOver StatedPresent From Dubai 5Celestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Minella Whisper 1626
Carole & Paul MainstoneCelestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Minella Whisper 16OrgandiPresent From Dubai 526
Jerry ConaghanArctic Chief 6Western StormBella's VisionTulaneBertie Barnes 2026
Clemency DurhamBertie Barnes 20Mrs BarnesOrgandiBeautiful PeopleViva Rafa 525
Jenny StowellMaster Vintage 5Mrs BarnesTulaneBig FiddleBertie Barnes 2025
John GoldsmithCelestial MagicBella's VisionMaster Vintage 5Bertie Barnes 20Time To Benefit25
Satya HurringOver StatedMrs BarnesMaster Vintage 5Present From Dubai 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 1525
Oscar HurringOver StatedMinella Whisper 16Iron Horse 3Present From Dubai 5Time To Benefit24
Eric DohertyMuthabir 13Master Vintage 5Celestial MagicBrave HeliosPresent From Dubai 523
Hugh BettsMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Brave HeliosSecret LookViva Rafa 523
Nash NewportMaster Vintage 5Muthabir 13Celestial MagicOver StatedPresent From Dubai 523
Amanda LangdaleOver StatedPresent From Dubai 5Iron Horse 3Muthabir 13Celestial Magic21
Yvonne WilliamsMuthabir 13Beautiful PeopleIron Horse 3Present From Dubai 5Stoney Cross21
Jeff McCarthyBella's VisionOver StatedPresent From Dubai 5Sheelbewhatsheelbe 15Mrs Barnes20
Richard BelcherBig FiddleTotterdown 15TulaneMaster Vintage 5Mighty Elsa20
Sue DavisMaster Vintage 5Secret LookBig FiddleStoney CrossSheelbewhatsheelbe 1520
Jenny StowellIron Horse 3Mrs BarnesStoney CrossMadame Ritz 16Over Stated19
Carolyn WheelerMuthabir 13Beautiful PeopleOver StatedPresent From Dubai 5Organdi18
Chris NewportMuthabir 13Master Vintage 5Mrs BarnesCelestial MagicBrave Helios18
FaisalMuthabir 13Over StatedCelestial MagicMaster Vintage 5Golden Deal18
Gemma WinrowMuthabir 13Present From Dubai 5Celestial MagicBella's VisionGolden Deal18
Kate PhillipsPresent From Dubai 5Over StatedMuthabir 13Celestial MagicTime To Benefit18
Milo DicksonBella's VisionCelestial MagicMighty ElsaPresent From Dubai 5Muthabir 1318
Rob DalzielPresent From Dubai 5Over StatedMuthabir 13Celestial MagicBrave Helios18
Sue Jones & Mick ThompsonWhat A ScoreMaster Vintage 5OrgandiMrs BarnesMuthabir 1318
Sue Jones & Mick ThompsonIron Horse 3Secret LookTulaneBella's VisionTotterdown 1518
Bunny RobertsMrs BarnesMuthabir 13Iron Horse 3TulaneWestern Storm16
Colin PocockCelestial MagicOver StatedMinella Whisper 16Bella's VisionOrgandi16
Paul KingMinella Whisper 16OrgandiWhat A ScoreSecret LookCelestial Magic16
Amanda LangdaleOver StatedPresent From Dubai 5Master Vintage 5Iron Horse 3Mrs Barnes13
Bunny RobertsMighty ElsaBig FiddleMuthabir 13OrgandiCelestial Magic13
Bunny RobertsOver StatedMaster Vintage 5Iron Horse 3Big FiddlePresent From Dubai 513
Ed WareMrs BarnesOver StatedWestern StormCelestial MagicMuthabir 1313
Eleanor ConaghanOrgandiMuthabir 13Mighty ElsaMrs BarnesBig Fiddle13
Thelma ConaghanStoney CrossGolden DealSecret LookIron Horse 3Over Stated13
Clemency DurhamBig FiddleArctic Chief 6Golden DealTulanePresent From Dubai 511
Henry's Of MoretonMaster Vintage 5Mrs BarnesPresent From Dubai 5Over StatedTime To Benefit10
Clive WaleArctic Chief 6Iron Horse 3Beautiful PeopleTimetobenefitOver Stated9
Joline SaundersPresent From Dubai 5Celestial MagicMrs BarnesOrgandiIron Horse 38
Richard BelcherIron Horse 3Over StatedPresent From Dubai 5TulaneMrs Barnes8
Amanda LangdaleOver StatedMrs BarnesBella's VisionMaster Vintage 5Brave Helios5
Judy ProgerBella's VisionBrave HeliosGolden DealMrs BarnesTulane3
Richard BelcherBig FiddleOver StatedCelestial MagicTimetobenefitGolden Deal
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