Friday 9th September, 2022

There is no doubt that the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a historic moment for both Britain and the world.

Throughout her amazing life, she has brought many wonderful qualities in her long reign.  Her Majesty’s sense of duty, humility, work ethic, courage and humour have meant that she has led the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and indeed the world in setting an example of true leadership.

Many have asked how she has literally not put a foot wrong during this time.  It has been discussed in the past that her incredible faith and her passion for the countryside, including the horse, has enabled her to deal with the many problems she has been faced with as a monarch.

Undoubtedly her love of the thoroughbred has been a major part of her life.  Her empathy, curiosity and knowledge have led to a lifelong passion for the sport of horseracing.

Her contribution to the sport is immeasurable and although Her Majesty is no longer with us, her love of horseracing and all the successful bloodlines she has left behind, will mean her contribution will never be forgotten.

Following much discussion and advice, we have decided to go ahead with our National Racehorse Week open day on Sunday.  Without doubt, Her Majesty would have wished us to extol our love for the racehorse and all the qualities that they possess.

Our thanksgiving of the racehorse at 11am will be an opportunity for us to to pay tribute to the Queen and pray for Her and all Her family at this sad time.

Rest in peace Your Majesty.  Never has a monarch been so admired.