Apistles 2024

The competition starts on 23rd March and finishes on 9th November 2024.

The scoring system for 2024:

  • 1 point odds on to evens
  • 2 points above evens to 2-1
  • 3 points above 2-1 to 5-1
  • 4 points above 5-1 to 10-1
  • 5 points above 10-1 to 16-1
  • 8 points above 16-1 – 25-1
  • 10 points above 25-1

All horse selections to be trained in Britain or Ireland with results counting worldwide.

Group 1 winners will score double points.

All Apistles can nominate a Joker and this horse will get double points.

Wild cards are to be announced at the Apistles lunch at the Chequers at Churchill on Monday 1st July when you can put in two wild cards taking out two of your twelve and replacing them with others.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.


Results as of 11th July, 2024

2023 Winner:

Alan King

Previous winners:

2022 Richard Phillips

2021 Steven Smith

2020 Nick Roberts

2019 Bob Scott

2018 Chris Humber

2017 Aiden Murphy

Nick Roberts49Jan Brueghel (WC)Arabian Crown 1Auguste Rodin 4AzadaCity Of Troy (J) 16Elmalka 20Fairy Godmother (WC)Henry LongfellowRegal JubileeRosallion 8ValvanoYlang Ylang
Alan King40Auguste Rodin (J) 8City Of Troy 8Fallen Angel 6Ghostwriter Inisherin (WC)KinrossMeasured Time 6Rosallian 8Porta Fortuna (WC) 2Trueshan 2VandeekYlang Ylang
Bob Scott38Auguste Rodin 4Inisherin (WC)City Of Troy 8English Oak 4Fallen Angel 6Ghostwriter (J)Henry LongfellowKyprios 6Opera SingerRosallion 8Sumiha 2Vandeek
Chris Humber37A Lilac Rolla 3Inisherin (WC)Arabian Crown 1AzadaBellezzaCinderella's Dream 3City Of Troy (J) 16Fallen Angel 6Fairy Godmother (WC)Henry LongfellowRosallion 8Vandeek
Nigel Bunter37A Lilac Rolla 3Al Riffa (J)Ancient Wisdom 2Arabian Crown 1City Of Troy 8Fallen Angel 6Grosvenor SquareOpera SingerRosallion 8Luxembourg (WC)White Birch 9Ylang Ylang
Ian Payne33AlhattanCity Of Troy (J) 16DarnationDevoted Queen 4English Oak 4Fallen Angel 6GhostwriterInisherin (WC)Meydaan 3Running Lion (WC)Task ForceValvano
Steven Smith33AlyanaabiAncient Wisdom 2Arabian Crown 1Big Evs 1City Of Troy 8Dancing GeminiEben ShaddadNashwa (WC)River TiberRosallion (J) 16Caernarfon (WC) 5Vandeek
Aiden Murphy32AlbasheerA Lilac Rolla 3Auguste Rodin 4Big Evs 1City Of Troy 8Henry LongfellowHolloway BoyKyprios 6Los Angeles (J) 10Opera Singer (WC)Billboard Star (WC)Ylang Ylang
Richard Phillips24Auguste Rodin 4City Of Troy (J) 16D Flawless 1Fighter Command 1Rosallian (WC)Henry LongfellowBedtime Story (WC)Love DynastyOpera SingerSardinian Warrior 2The ReverendYlang Ylang
Ted Voute23Auguste Rodin 4BrilliantCity Of Troy (J) 16Emily UpjohnGhostwriterHenry LongfellowKing Of SteelMeydaan 3NashwaRiver TiberTask ForceVandeek
Andy Lloyd17Ancient Wisdom 2Bedtime Story (WC)Bluestocking (WC)City Of Troy 8ContinuousMiss Attitude 3NavagioNight RaiderOpera SingerRegal JubileeRiver Tiber (J)Too Bossy For Us 4
Tregs13Cool Dividend 2English Oak 4God's Window 1Henry Longfellow (J)Kyprios 6NaqeebNight RaiderRosallian (WC)Regal JubileeTrawlermanFallen Angel (WC)Ylang Ylang
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