Apistles 2023

The scoring system for 2023 is follows:

1 point for below evens

2 points for evens up to 3-1

3 points for 3-1 up to 5-1

4 points for 5- up to 10-1

5 points for 10-1 and over

Group 1 winners will score double points

All horse selections to be trained in Britain or Ireland with results counting worldwide.

All Apistles can nominate a Joker and this horse will get double points.

Wild cards are to be announced at the Apistles lunch at the Chequers at Churchill on Monday 3rd July, when you can put in two wild cards taking out two of your twelve and replacing them with others.

The competition starts on 1st April 2023 and finishes on 4th November, 2023.

End of season lunch – 18th December 2023.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.


As of 23rd September, 2023

2022 Winner:

Richard Phillips


Previous winners:

2021 Steven Smith

2020 Nick Roberts

2019 Bob Scott

2018 Chris Humber

2017 Aiden Murphy

Alan King61Auguste Rodin (J) 24Chaldean 6Kinross 3Lezoo 2Little Big Bear 2Modern Games 6Paddington (WC) 4SakheerSacred (WC)Tahiyra 6The Foxes 4Trueshan 3
Ted Voute50Paddington (WC) 4Ancient RulesAuguste Rodin (J) 24Tahiyra 6Greek Order 4Irregular WarfareLaurel 1Luxembourg 4Noble StyleSlipofthepen 1The Foxes 4Westover 2
Graham Treglown46Adayar 1Al Mubhir 2Al RiffaArrest 2Auguste Rodin (J) 24Little Big Bear 2Gregory (WC)Shaquille (WC) 4Nostrum 2Tahiyra 6Trueshan 3Victoria Road
Ian Payne45Alabama (J) 1Auguste Rodin 12Arrest 2Chaldean 6Cold Case 4KnightLezoo 2Midnight Mile 4Paddington (WC) 4The Foxes 4Mostahdaf (WC) 10Wor Willie
Chris Humber44Auguste Rodin (J) 24Chaldean 6Dragon Icon 1River Tiber (WC)Lezoo 2Little Big Bear 2Lord Bertie 1Ylang Ylang (WC) 1Remarquee 3StatuetteTahiyra 6Victoria Road
Richard Phillips42Adelaide River 2Arrest 2Auguste Rodin 12Bay Bridge 1Desert Crown (J)Emily Upjohn 4Paddington (WC) 4Little Big Bear 2MeditateNostrum 2Inspiral (WC) 8Tahiyra 6
Steven Smith41Alabama 1Auguste Rodin 12Caernarfon (J)Chaldean 6Paddington (WC) 4Luxembourg 4Bradsell (WC)Nashwa 6Noble StyleStreets Of GoldTahiyra 6Westover 2
Bob Scott39Auguste Rodin 12CachetChaldean 6Coltrane 5Emily Upjohn (WC)Little Big Bear 2MaljoomMeditateMy ProsperoSakheerTahiyra (J) 12Courage Mon Ami (WC)
Nigel Bunter37Alabama 1Auguste Rodin 12ChangingoftheguardEmily Dickinson 4Little Big Bear 2Luxembourg 4MeditateNaval PowerEmily Upjohn (WC)Nostrum 2King Of Steel (WC)Tahiyra (J) 12
Andy Lloyd34Atrium 4Auguste Rodin 12Caernarfon (J)Coco JackElectric EyesRiver Tiber (WC)Liberty Lane 4Nostrum 2LunarscapeIsle Of Jura (WC) 6Tahiyra 6Woodstock
Nick Roberts32AristiaArrest 2If Not Now 2Imperial Emperor 1Little Big Bear (J) 4Noble StyleNostrum 2Quantum CatRemarquee 3StatuetteAuguste Rodin 12Tahiyra 6
Aiden Murphy29Al Mubhir 2Concorde 6Desert Hero 9Elnajmm 1Fleurman (J)Little Big Bear 2Luxembourg 4Pinafore 3Sense Of DutySilver KnottTarawaThe Antarctic 2
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