Apistles 2023

The scoring system for 2023 is follows:

1 point for below evens

2 points for evens up to 3-1

3 points for 3-1 up to 5-1

4 points for 5- up to 10-1

5 points for 10-1 and over

Group 1 winners will score double points

All horse selections to be trained in Britain or Ireland with results counting worldwide.

All Apistles can nominate a Joker and this horse will get double points.

Wild cards are to be announced at the Apistles lunch at the Chequers at Churchill on Monday 3rd July, when you can put in two wild cards taking out two of your twelve and replacing them with others.

The competition starts on 1st April 2023 and finishes on 4th November, 2023.

The results table will be kept up to date on this page throughout the season.

Results Table


2022 Winner:

Richard Phillips


Previous winners:

2021 Steven Smith

2020 Nick Roberts

2019 Bob Scott

2018 Chris Humber

2017 Aiden Murphy

Richard Phillips77Adayar 1Desert Crown (WC)Baaeed 8Bay Bridge 12Bayside Boy 11Coroebus 8GoldspurHurricane LaneInspiral 8Mighty Ulysses 3Emily Upjohn (WC) 4Tuesday (J) 22
Andy Lloyd76Aasser 2A Case Of You (J) 20Baaeed 8Bay Bridge 12Coroebus 8Inspiral 8Migdam 2Mujtaba 4My Prospero (WC) 1Heroic Holly (WC) (Noon Star 1)Romantic Rival 5Trueshan 5
Nigel Bunter60Alenquer 4Coroebus 8Inspiral 8Lord North 4Luxembourg (J) 10ManoboNative Trail 3Emily Upjohn (WC) 4Changingoftheguard (WC)Tenebrism 6Tuesday 11Yibir 2
Ian Payne55Baaeed 8Coroebus 8Inspiral 8Luxembourg 5Modern Games 8Native Trail (J) 6Lion Of War (WC)Spirit Catcher 2Tenebrism 6Naval Power (WC) 2Twilight Jet 2Winter Power
Steven Smith54Baaeed 8Noble Style (WC) 3Coroebus 8Hurricane LaneInspiral (J) 16Flag Flying (WC)Luxemburg 5Native Trail 3Point LonsdaleSandrine 5Tenebrism 6Ville de Grace
Ted Voute53Baaeed (J) 16Eydon 5Statuette (WC)Inspiral 8Luxembourg 5MishriffNashwa 11Native Trail 3Lion Of Ware (WC)Point LonsdaleRegal Envoy 5Skye Breeze
Nick Roberts51Auguste Rodin 7Winter Power (WC)Coroebus 8DiscoveriesEclat de LumiereKawidaLuxembourg 5Mighty Ulysses 3Nashwa 11Native Trail 3Nobel 2Tenebrism (J) 12
Bob Scott48Baaeed (J) 16Coroebus 8Creative ForceInspiral 8Westover (WC)ManoboMasekelaMissed The Cut (WC)Native Trail 3Tenebrism 6Trueshan 5Yibir 2
Alan King46Adayar 1Baaeed 8Coroebus 8Creative ForceInspiral 8Dramatised (WC)ManoboNative Trail 3Perfect Power 6Rampoldi PlanMaljoom (WC) (Star Of India 2)Trueshan (J) 10
Aiden Murphy43Sea Legend (WC)Chindit 3Darkness (J)Heredia 5Inspiral 8Luxembourg 5Modern News 4The Acropolis (WC) (Mother Earth 1)Mujtaba 4Native Trail 3Sense Of Duty 5Star Shield 5
Graham Treglown41Yonafis (WC)Chindit 1Creative ForceLuxembourg 5ManoboMujtaba 4Native Trail 3Reach For The MoonAeonian (WC)Trueshan 5Tuesday (J) 22Whispering Romance 1
Chris Humber39Baaeed (WC) 4Coroebus 8DiscoveriesInspiral 8Aldaary (WC)Modern Games 8Mujtaba 4Native Trail 3Point LonsdaleReach For The MoonTenebrism 6Ville de Grace (J)
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