Wednesday 25th September, 2019

A busy work morning with stop watches and heart monitors in action, in preparation for runners next week.  The recent rain will be helpful for some but not others – let’s hope we are lucky.  With the rain, we looking forward to schooling on the grass tomorrow morning.

Great to go to lunch today with vet Alan Walker, Sylvia Bosley and Gillian Dunwoody.  Alan kindly gave a great talk to the Adlestrop Club about his book Four Legs and a Tale.

As a reward I said I would take him to lunch but he insisted he would only go if we took Sylvia and Gill with us.  Mother of Martin and Richard, we all go back a very long way.

Mrs B looked after me very well when I was at Witney college many years ago, when I lived with the wonderful Bosley family.  It was great to reminisce and to remind us about the lucky and interesting lives we have led.