Wednesday 1st March, 2017

Two runners at Taunton tomorrow with Sheelbewhatsheelbe and Viva Rafa.  Sheelbe showed promise on her hurdling debut at the track and this time she steps up in trip.  As ever it’s a competitive heat but hopefully her progression will continue.

Viva Rafa also steps up in trip and tries three miles for the first time.  Hopefully if he settles, the trip and ground should suit.

Following a work morning with Ian Popham and Danny Hiskett in to ride out, we took Arctic Chief to Ben Brain’s to have the over ground scope on.  Always an interesting experience and definitely one of the most important veterinary advances of the last few years.

An endoscope is attached to the horse’s head as it gallops and you can see their breathing apparatus at work on video.  This procedure has certainly helped many racehorses over the last few years.