Thursday 25th June, 2020

Barnsy had a great send off yesterday and around 100 people walked his final journey behind the funeral car from his house, to the beautiful eleventh century St Nicholas Church in Oddington.  He was laid to rest with his wife Dorothy in a wonderful service conducted by Reverend Richard Rendall.

The Reverend Rendall used to ride out for us here at Adlestrop and rode so well, we christened him ‘Hands Of God’.

Due to government guidelines, only a few were allowed into the grave yard for the service, but others were able to view the ceremony from outside and with the sun shining, in one of the most beautiful settings in the Cotswolds, it was a fitting way for many of his friends to say goodbye.

A few years ago, he asked me if I would do his eulogy when it came to the day but it was not possible to do so in the circumstances.  However I read a poem that Barnsy had kept in a drawer.  It’s title is ‘Oddington’ and was written by Anthony Digweed.

Afterwards, thanks to The Fox in Lower Oddington, take away drinks were served on the road outside the pub where he entertained so many.   Attached is a photo of what was written on the bar which sums up everything about him.

Goodbye to our unforgettable friend, ‘Mister B.’



Clinging quietly to a hillside

A mile or two from Stow

Slumbers the Cotswolds’ hidden jewel

Where the tourists seldom go

Yet it’s been there since Domesday

Watching centuries roll on

And travellers have passed it by

Barely saw it, and were gone

But for those few who linger

And know its leafy grace

They are rewarded with the knowledge

That there is no lovelier place

The solid and dependable

Houses of golden stone

Stand dignified and undaunted

As they have always done

And any casual visitor

Who stays awhile to roam

May find the stone memorial

To boys who ne’er came home

Come to stay in Oddington

Experience its charm

Feel the relaxation

Know the pastoral calm

Watch the busy world float by

The peaceful fields and trees

And hear the history of centuries

Whispered on the breeze

This is God’s own country

Far flung from any crowd

Oddington stands silent

And dignified and proud.