Thanks to lots of hard work from the team, we have managed to get the horses out exercising in the snow despite the very heavy frost.  Many horses actually like snowy conditions and a little snow break can sometimes freshen them up.

Looks as though Taunton might be on on Thursday, so hopefully we will have some runners there and waiting on conditions at other courses.

Had the inaugural lunch for our twelve horses to follow competition at the Chequers in Churchill yesterday.  Set up with the help of owners Steven Smith and Andy Lloyd, we call ourselves the twelve ‘Apistles’ as all the members have a penchant for fine wine.

Thanks to Steven Smith we were all treated to just that, along with a delicious Christmas lunch yesterday afternoon.  A slightly depleted field thanks to the bad weather, the winning trophy of a decanter supplied by Andy Lloyd and filled by S Smith, went to Aiden Murphy, who thanks to his inspirational choices of  Enable and Winter, won this year’s competition by a wide margin.

The team included such racing greats as Ted Voute and Alan King.  The discussion around the table was lively and entertaining and would have made good television.  We all very much look forward to next year’s competition.