Saturday 23rd May, 2020

Racing channels Sky Racing and Racing TV have done their best to keep the racing audience amused despite the lack of live action.  Racing TV’s series ‘My Racing Life – which asks racing figures for seven horses that have had the most influence on their life in the sport they love has been interesting.

They are also asked for a jockey and a trainer that they most most admired.  John Parrott and Ed Chamberlin are among the guests that have been asked to do this.  With this in mind, next week I will each day go through the seven horses that have most influenced my racing life.  It will be a hard job and apologies now for leaving out some great favourites.

Annemarie Plass, the yoga teacher who started the clap for carers movement, has suggested next Thursday should be the last as it’s best to stop when it is at it’s peak.  In some ways it is quite remarkable how the nation has joined in at 8pm each Thursday to mark their appreciation of those on the front line of care for covid-19.

Would it not be a good idea to develop a walk for carers every Thursday.  If people want to help the NHS, surely it would be good if we all became a bit fitter and healthier to avoid hospitals as much as possible, leaving them to care for those in real need who have become ill for no fault of their own.

Surely this mindset should start at a very early age, at infant school and beyond.  Surely if we ate more sensibly and exercised more and kicked unhealthy habits we would become a healthier nation and healthier NHS.  Would that not be the long-term best solution.  The recent traffic queues to get to a drive through McDonalds emphasises how far this country needs to improve it’s self awareness.

Looking after yourself enables you to look after others.  It’s in giving that you receive.