Monday 8th June, 2020

Everyone at Adlestrop has been greatly saddened by the passing of our great friend, Mick Barnes.  Barnsy was a great and valued member of Team Adlestrop.  Unfortunately his batteries just ran out over the last few weeks and in the end it was a release, having been such an independent and colourful character.

I first met him when I was at Jackdaws Castle as he had a share in a horse with the Duke.  Having been born in Adlestrop, Barnsy was a valued advisor to us when we moved here and who he didn’t know and what he didn’t know, were not worth knowing.

He had shares with us in both Afeef and Pak Jack who both won for him.  Whilst Assumptalina who was named after his two favourite women, Assumpta and Joline – did not win, but was very highly spirited like her owner and gave him much pleasure.

However it was Bertie Barnes who gave us two memorable victories in his colours in April 2018 that were probably his finest racing moments.  The story of Bertie’s purchase was as ever, hysterical and would make a book in itself.

The recent love of his life was Dandy Lass who was once again purchased in Ireland on a memorable trip.  Hopefully she will be winning on the flat for us, with Barnsy willing her on from above.

Most of the weighing room knew him personally, having probably given some of them a lift to an airport or two.  Whilst wherever you went with him, there was always someone he knew.

He loved his racing, he loved all animals and was as kind and as funny as they came.  The stories are endless and although he will not get the funeral at St Pauls or Westminster Abbey as he wished, his memories will go on for a long long time.

All weekend we have been relaying the funny stories associated with this unique character and inevitably, a book will have to be written.

Thank you for all the messages that we have received.  There will never be another like him.  He will be so greatly missed but I guarantee there won’t be a day that goes by when we don’t mention his name or relay a story.

RIP mate.