Monday 27th April, 2020

A Monday morning with the sound of trotting, strimming and mowing as we continue to exercise some horses but are feeding most out in the fields.

The horse world has been very lucky with the weather during the lockdown.  It’s been very clement and let’s hope it continues, although who’d have thought we’d be requesting a bit of rain with the winter we have had.

Racing appears to be ready to go behind closed doors as soon as the Government gives it the all clear.  There have been some unfortunate bad press for the industry over the weekend creating some disunity amongst trainers over how keen some in the sport are to start back.

Obviously the sooner the better in some respects but some in racing do under estimate the importance of public perception.  Let us hope those in the sport, both human and equine, stay healthy.

It was a beautiful weekend and I had time to enjoy the lovely cotswold countryside in early evening.  Photos below: