Monday 11th May, 2020

Hopefully the country is on the roadmap to recovery and gradually racing will be present on the racecourses of Britain over the next few weeks and months.

Obviously this will be behind closed doors for a while but this should not stop us showing some vivid imagination in how we celebrate our runners in the future.   Ladies Day at Royal Adlestrop being an example.  Where there is a will, there is a safe way.

One of the benefits of the lock down is that it has given the opportunity and time for people to express their talents on social media and the like.

Well done to Gemma Waterhouse at Racing Welfare for coming up with the idea of the ‘Furlong Factor’.  A singing competition for those in racing, the winner was announced on Saturday evening.  Lara Telfer was a deserving winner of the competition and is not far off from having a recording voice.  From a large racing family, her victory has done a great deal of good for those within the sport and hopefully raised a lot of money for Racing Welfare.  You can watch her winning performance here .

Like many charities,  it is struggling to raise funds in this difficult time and is doing a great job at supporting those within the industry.  Please donate if you can.