Monday 11th April, 2022

We have made entries for Picanha and Corrany at the weekend in the hope that ground conditions suit.  We are looking forward to stepping Picanha up in trip if we can find some cut in the ground, whilst Corrany will be tried in some alternative headgear.

A fantastic Grand National on Saturday with the dream coming true for the Waley-Cohen family.  Sam’s record around Aintree is exemplary and once again his talent, confidence and intelligence were seen to great effect and what a way to end your riding career.

Yesterday I joined many others in attending Stan Mellor’s memorial service in Ashbury.  In attendance were many of the great jockeys of his era including Francome, Pitman, Thorner, Mould, Blacker and Wilson.  As we all know, Stan was a legend of the sport and having passed away nearly two years ago – it was an honour to celebrate the great man’s life following a delay due to covid restrictions.

Stan was not only a great jockey and trainer but also a brilliant mentor to many.  One of the great thinkers of the game, Stan’s philosophy to life is a great example to all.