Friday 4th February, 2022

Delighted to help with some filming for the upcoming change of the colours of fences on British racecourses from orange to white.  We were approached to help with Exeter University’s research in 2018.

Various colours were used on our schooling jumps as we schooled many of our horses over them, ridden by Ian Popham and Danny Hiskett.  Research shows that horses see certain colours better than others and we and many others were convinced that changing the colour of the jumps to white was of benefit to the welfare of racehorses.

By the end of 2022, all jumps tracks in Britain will have white rather than orange jumps and this must surely be a positive move on behalf of the racing industry.   Anything racing can do to promote the welfare of the racehorse must be a good thing and thanks to Exeter University’s research and funding from the Racing Foundation, British racing continues to do all it can to put horse welfare at the forefront of it’s thinking.