Brave Helios didn’t cope with the heat at Southwell

Like many others, Brave Helios could not cope with the heat yesterday at Southwell.  Richard Johnson reported he was pretty flat going to the start and although he jumped well, Richard rightly pulled him up when all chance had gone.

The winners enclosure was not used yesterday during the racing as it was so hot – which tells you something and like some people, some horses just cannot operate in such conditions.

We look forward to freshening him up and finding a cooler day.

I was not at Southwell as I attended the funeral of Tim Eager.  Tim was a local celebrity, character and ex publican, having run the Queens Head in Stow on the Wold for many years.  Many of the great and good were present to give him a warm send off.

Tim was always fascinated with his own mortality and even had his coffin made for him over thirty years ago.  This was used as a table in the pub and only locals would use it as it sent shivers down the spine of most visitors.  Tim eventually had the coffin in his house as it made rather a useful drinks table.

He would always tell his friends that he wouldn’t make Christmas and there was a great photo of Tim on the back of yesterday’s racecard with the quote, “I told you I wouldn’t make Christmas.”

My favourite story of Tim was when he was at a drinks party some years ago.  He had been chatting with a woman for over half an hour and was trying to put a name to her face, knowing that he knew her from somewhere.  Eventually it dawned on him that it was his ex-wife!  God bless you Tim.

Barnsy visited this morning to see string in the field, who are enjoying the summer sunshine here in the paddocks at Adlestrop.