Bertie Barnes runs at Warwick

Bertie Barnes is declared in the first race at Warwick tomorrow. He sustained an injury following his excellent second at Kempton last season and has been off for a while. Ideally he would like better ground and a bit further but there are few opportunities at present and it will be a chance for him to get rid of some cobwebs.

Danny Hiskett rides having been passed by the doctor following his broken collarbone.

I’m sure the enthusiastic Aspirationals partnership will have a good day and we look forward to the spring with Bertie when things will be more in his favour.

We have a few entries for next week, of which some will be ground dependant. Hopefully we don’t get the forecast rain. Although the temperatures are not high today, it feels like spring compared to what we have had to put up with recently and the horses look bright and happy for it.

Much excitement in the yard this morning as it’s Beanie’s 11th birthday. Our racing secretary Jo purchased Beanie with her winnings from the Stable Staff Awards back in 2007. Many thanks for all of Beanie’s wonderful cards and the staff did an excellent rendition of Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder style this morning.