Andrew Thornton’s retirement

Quiet on the runners front until next week, with many of the string now having their summer holidays thanks to the drying weather.

Today marks the retirement of jump jockey Andrew Thornton.  I have known him for around three decades and he is one of life’s good guys.

His nickname of Lensio, which has stuck for many many years, was thanks to yours truly who named him this as he was a member of our Lambourn based football team, The Commitments.

We had a Brazilian football kit and decided to give ourselves Brazilian football names.  Hence John Francome was Franco, Simon McNeil was the eldest therefore was Senio and my favourite name of all was poor old Pat Thompson’s.  Sadly he is no longer with us but when he was conditional jockey to Nicky Henderson he was an excellent footballer and fondly known as Patio.

A Thornton has always been the most incredible competitor, when on the football or rugby field, on a racecourse, in front of a microphone and anywhere there needed to be 100% effort.

I text him last night hoping he enjoys today, comes back safely and I am sure whatever he does in the future, he will be enormously successful.