Friday 28th August, 2020

It was good to have a morning of no rain so that not only the staff and horses stay dry, but also the trainer walking up the gallops each lot.  Great to be joined by owner Doug Pocock, who came to view Beautiful People and Organdi cantering up the gallops.

Looking forward to stepping up the exercise for the majority of the string tomorrow morning, as they build up to being fit and ready to go in October.

Great to hear Red Rum Club on Radio 2.  Marcus Armytage wrote an article about the band in The Telegraph this week.  Their latest single ‘Eleanor’ is as catchy as they come.  Please do listen to them if you can as they are hopefully going places.

Their manager is Dr George Wilson – our equine exercise physiology advisor from John Moore’s University in Liverpool.  George is a great help and character and for many years was lead singer of The Wickermen, a band who played at many racing functions.  He also puts on a fair performance at our staff Christmas party each year.  We look forward to George steering them to the top of their profession.

Yesterday’s photograph of myself and Jo had many likes and comments on social media.  However the card I sent her has caused a bit of upset as like many, she finds it hard to read my writing even after 19 years.  Unfortunately, she misread ‘thank you for running my life,’ for ‘thank you for ruining my life.’  Luckily she is still not talking to me.