With rain about we were unable to take up Beautiful People’s options at Cartmel or Stratford.  Hoping conditions will be better at either Fontwell or Sedgefield on Thursday.  She is due to go up twelve pounds for her win but will carry a seven pound penalty instead should she run this week.  However we know she doesn’t like too much cut in the ground.

We have entered Western Storm for Worcester on Sunday.  He has gone up four pounds for his narrow second last week, which is far from ideal.

The advantage of the rain is that we were able to school a few on the grass this morning.  You have to take the opportunities as they come at this time of year.   All jumped well.

Very sad to hear the news of the passing of Michael Sissons.  Michael was one of my first owners having had a share in Time Won’t Wait.  The horse was a legend and won many races for us, taking us to some great courses and I know Michael enjoyed the experience immensely.

Michael was one of the great literary minds who had immense character.  This was shown by him dressing up as a woman in most of our annual Old Berks pantomimes.

His Margaret Thatcher performance was legendary and although no one looked less like Mrs T, no one could have created more laughter.

I always use Michael as my definition of quality of life.  At the opening night of one of our pantomimes, he was due to play a black lady in our production of ‘Gone in the Wind.’

Michael was over six foot, not the lightest and follicly challenged.  The panto would always take place in early march, just before the Festival at Uffington Village Hall.

Whilst nervously getting changed for the opening night in a dilapidated mobile home attached to the building, Michael said to me, “Would you mind awfully, helping me to put my bra on?”

As I was doing so, he turned to me and said “Richard, does our horse go to Cheltenham?”

I thought at the time, ‘pure quality.’  Rest in peace Michael.